SCAM ALERT: What to do ‘If You Miss Jury Duty’ is What Scammers Call To Say

SCAM ALERT via the Kent [WA] Police Department via their Facebook Page:

“Kent PD has taken a few calls over the past couple of weeks where a person calls identifying as an officer with the King County Sheriff’s Office warning the unsuspecting caller that since they missed jury duty, they must submit funds to a PayPal account or they will go to jail.

Please remember that this is not how the King County Sheriff’s Office or any police department would handle a missed jury duty service.

And, threatening jail time with the request of submitting money is not something that any law enforcement or public agency would call you on the phone about. If this has happened or does in the future, please report it by calling 911.

And please do not provide the caller with any personal information or money.

If you are a Block Watch coordinator/member, please share this with your neighbors!!”

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