Ohio | According to Sources, sometime tonight a fire crew was dispatched to an illegal burn / grass fire on Hornyak in Amherst, located just outside of Cleveland.  When they arrived, something very wrong occurred. Reports of two to three firefighters were being held hostage by the suspect at gunpoint.

Sources say that the suspect was just taken into custody around 1831 PDT  this evening [West Coast time] without any injuries to firefighters or to the gunman.

The Ohio turnpike and other surrounding roadways are slowly being reopened.


Though we don’t the exact details of this incident, we were very concerned just like the rest of y’all. We were busy working to get details on this story and will provide another post when new info is received.

We are happy that all parties involved are okay and saddened that some people feel threatened by Public Safety by luring them out to  harm them. We hope this young man/woman gets the mental help they need and accept the consequences for his actions.

Every day, Firefighters put their lives on the line for complete strangers. According to a source stating in 2012 [paraphrased], “Firefighters have one of the most highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all professions.  They are exposed to collapsing walls, fire, toxins, smoke, traffic accidents and other dangerous scenes.”  This source did not include the many incidents where Firefighters have been injured by their patients or being lured out into the open like this event. Though it has been reported in several cases, we don’t believe it to be the norm in most cases – or, at least we hope it isn’t the norm.

Kudos to Law Enforcement helping resolve this incident without injury to one of their own, fire crews or to the suspect.

CORRECTION:  We inadvertently reported Firefighters were from Amherst but instead they are from South Amherst which was brought to our attention.  We apologize for the error.


South Amherst is located approximately 30 miles West of Cleveland in Lorain County, Ohio.. The Village consists of approximately 683 homes, 10 businesses, 6 churches, a Volunteer Fire Department, a new Recreation Park and a part-time Police Department with 20 Officers.

The South Amherst Volunteer Fire Department has 3 Engines, 1 Tanker, 1 Rescue and a Brush Truck. They the town’s only resource for the 9,000 residents covering a 32-square territory including Amherst, Brownhelm, Henrietta, New Russia and parts of the Turnpike.

Their station located at 105 W Main Street in South Amherst is staffed by 25 Volunteer Firefighters.

Source: http://villageofsouthamherst.com/about_the_village

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