UPDATE | Albuquerque Police Search for #APD Shooting Suspect, May be Closing In

Albuquerque, New Mexico | Some media sources are reporting the #APD Officer’s condition is critical due to being shot multiple times. [The #APD PIO has not released any updates for the last 20 minutes of this post]

We have been listening to LIVE Police scanner feed for the last several hours.  It sounds as if the Police K9 has given a positive indication the suspect be hiding in between some homes and Officers may have him contained.

We are hoping that’s the case.


NOTE: Our opinion is our own and not the Voice of any Public Safety Agency, organization or member.

We wish the Officer’s condition to improve; Love and Support to surround his Immediate & LE Families, Friends and in the Communities he has made a Difference.  We also wish his fellow Officers to locate, arrest and get Justice for what the shooting suspect has done to this #APD Officer.

More Updates will be provided as we get them.

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