#BREAKING | Albuquerque Officer Shot, Police Looking for Suspect

Albuquerque, New Mexico | About one hour ago, the Albuquerque Police tweeted about one of their Officers being shots and asked for those to pray for the Officer.

The suspect is at Large. Police are searching for him or her.

The Police Department has asked residents to remain inside their homes and businesses and to call 9-1-1 if they see anything suspicious. They state these areas are Central/Eubank and Moon/Copper.

Police havebroadcasted two separate descriptions of the suspect and working to verify which one is correct.

There are currently two Bearcats on scene.

More resources are en route with current agencies including a Police Chopper above helping with containment and a perimeter search.

We are currently working to cover this incident. For Officer Safety, we will not be broadcasting their locations.  We are tweeting Live coverage of this incident on Twitter. Follow us @nwfireblog.

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