Update 3 | Hot Shot Fire | WA DNR | Near Oso, Washington

Updated:  5/13/2016 0720 PDT



Date / Time:   5/12/2016. Time unknown. Around 1900 hours, Social media began reporting a brush fire now being reported as a wildfire.

Location:  18633 Hwy 530, Arlington and near Oso, Washington.  We are unsure if this is in the area where the deadly landslides hit the area in the past.

Cause:  Unknown.




  • Reported by Social Media brush fire turned wildfire started
  • Some reports indicate cause due to unconfirmed logging operation
  • DNR: Fire name Hot Shot. Limited info. 55 acres. Command to change over on 5/13/16 AM.
  • Media reporting acres burned @ 2300 hours was already at 65 acres.
  • DNR Response:  Fire crews dispatched at 1841 hours. Near Hotshot TS. Snohomish County, near Oso off of Hwy 530.
  • DNR:  Nearby tower not being threatened.
  • DNR:  Fire fuels in active timber sale in fell.
  • DNR:  Probability of fire growth is high.
  • DNR:  Type 2 IMT team ordered.
  • Social Media:  Reported Local FD had arrived but when the winds picked up, they backed out. (we do not have confirmation of that but sounds like if they did, it’s a safety issue)


  • DNR states:  Nearby tower is not being threated.  Fire fuels are in active timber sale and fell.  Probability of the fire growth is  high.  A Type 2 IMT team has been ordered.
  • 80+ acres.


CURRENT WEATHER (at the time of this update)

  • Temps:  53 degrees.
  • Precipitation:  0%.
  • Humidity:  86%.
  • Winds:  6 mph.




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