Boston Fire in Hyde Park Goes to a 5th Alarm

Updated 1820 PDT (West Coast) / 2120 Eastern Time


A commercial structure fire broke out almost two hours ago in Boston, MA inside a business that appears to have various hazardous tanks of gases.  From the moment, firefighters arrived initially to the scene, they immediately requested a 2-Alarm.  Quickly, the fire alarms would escalate through each level of 3, 4, and 5 as of 30 minutes (1919 hours EST).


The commercial warehouse is located at 28 Grantley Street in Hyde Park on the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and Grantley Street.


The structure is one-story cinder block construction with bars and limited windows.  It is approximately 50 x 100.  The commercial structure is home to Hyde Park Masonry and Landscape Supplies, which has been in business since 1982, that provides many masonry, landscaping, hardscape products and products for winter preparedness.

There are various hazardous tanks of unknown gasses on-site.  Firefighters were told to don their masks if they were in the smoke or near 3756.  This was broadcasted by the IC and repeated by Dispatch over radio comms.

The building has suffered serious damage with partial roof collapse.


Fire Commissioner Joe Finn has assumed Command.  A 5th alarm was ordered at this time.


Firefighters are fighting the commercial structure fire from the exterior only.  Fire exploded in various places through the roof right at the time the alarm was being elevated to a 5th Alarm.

Fire crews will be on site throughout the night while they shut down lines allowing the fire burns through roof then extinguish through holes and repeat the process until it has been completely put out.

Some residents have been evacuated from area homes due to heavy smoke in the area.


Fire Managers were being pro-active instead of reactive due to unknown gasses being stored inside the building.  They ordered all firefighters to don on their PPEs if they were in the smoke or near the building.

Some were seen still spraying water on the fire without PPEs.

There have been no injuries reported at this time.

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