The Wildfire Log | Kitsap County Fires | WA


Two wildfires broke out on Friday, June 14, 2019, in Kitsap, Washington.

Boatlaunch Fire

A fire broke out in the Kachess Campground in eastern Washington State at the boat ramp.  Firefighters were dispatched at 1307 hours to where the fire was burning in logs (fire fuels).  They quickly contained and brought the fire under control then put it out completely at 1320 hours PDT.  Less than one acre was burned.

Coleman Pasture Fire

A fire broke out on Coleman Creek Road and subsequently fire crews and equipment were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center to respond on Friday at 1154 hours.  Logs were fire fuels.  The fire was put out shortly around 1257 hours.  Less than one acre was burned.

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The Wildfire Log | Howard Road Fire | WA | 1

Whidbey Island, Washington

Update 1 | Friday | June 14, 2019 | 2100 hours PDT

Firefighters and assets were dispatched to a brush fire located on Howard Road and SR 525, in the woods behind a bus stop on Whidbey Island around 2055 hours PDT.

Personnel was responding from South Whidbey Fire & EMS.


Limited information.

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The Wildfire Log | McMillan Fire | CA


CAL FIRE and SLO County FD fire crews were on-scene to a brush fire located east of McMillan Canyon Road on Highway 46 on June 12th.

Here is a timeline of the wildfire as it unfolded over Social Media:

6/12 1305 | Fire reached 10 acres with a moderate rate of spread.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1320 | Fire increased to 50 acres.

1340 | Fire behavior began to change from moderate to a rapid rate of spread, bringing it to 200 acres destroyed.

1351 | By this time, just shy over 10 minutes, the wildfire exploded into 600 acres.

1439 | Fire crews were beginning to get a handle on the wildfire and bringing the containment now to 20%.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1501 | Firefighters were still at 20% containment but the fire grew to a scary 1,000 acres.  Fire assets were brought in for fire suppression from the skies and the ground.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1626 | The fire was still increasing.  It had now reached 2,000 acres destroyed with 20% containment status remaining the same.

1523 | Firefighters were working tirelessly as they were trying to bring this fire under control and contained.  At this time, the forward progression of the fire was stopped and containment now up to 50%.  Fire Managers and Law Enforcement reopened EB traffic on Hwy 46.

1554 | As containment increased, some fire assets and personnel were slowly beginning to be released from the incident.  Progress for full containment was still the main objective.  Smoke was still visible in the northeastern portion of (SLO) the County.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1827 | Fire remained at the same 50% containment but structures were no longer threatened by the impending wildfire, thanks to the efforts by fire crews in both the air and on the ground.  Both directions of the highway were now opened but traffic was being diverted through Shandon.

2104 | CAL FIRE, CHP, and CAL Trans worked through coordination to open one WB lane on the Highway.  Once all the way open, no more traffic was said to be diverted through Shandon.

2116 | Fire equipment and personnel were due to remain on the fireline throughout the evening to strengthen containment lines and put out any hot spots that may arise.  A strike team of engines are due to be deployed to the line the following morning.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

6/13/2019 1000 | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit E3469 out of the Cayucos FS #11 worked on the containment lines.  With good weather conditions, crews were able to help those area assigned to the fire to increase the containment status even higher.

1109  | Fire objective is still the focus of fire crews. Containment increases to 75%. With more accurate mapping, Fire Managers release the total destroyed by the fire at 1,764 acres.

1631 | Fire crews have been on-scene all day and have now reached a containment status of 95%.  They have laid almost 10 miles of fireline constructed around the fire.

This is our first and last report on this wildfire since fire crews have reached their fire objective. – Ed.

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The Wildfire Log | Saucito Fire | AZ | 1


Update 1 | June 13, 2019 | Thursday

Firefighters were dispatched on Wednesday, June 12th to a wildfire call out located north of the border and just south of Arivaca, Arizona at 0935 hours MST.

The wildfire has destroyed 45 acres of short grass and said to be 50% contained by fire crews on Thursday at 1125 hours MST.

Fire personnel and assets were dispatched out of the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center.

No word on the cause.

No reports of injuries to fire crews or civilians, nor any property damaged or destruction by Fire Managers.

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The Wildfire Log | Almond Tree Fire | AZ | 1


Update 1 | June 13, 2019 | Thursday

A wildfire is burning on Stockton Road and Mile Marker 38 in Kingman, Arizona which prompted fire personnel and assets to be dispatched through the Arizona Dispatch Center today at 0812 hours MST.

No word what sparked the wildfire, acreage or status of the fire.

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The Wildfire Log | Old Delaware Fire | WA | 1


Update 1 | June 12, 2019 – Wednesday | 2030 hours PDT

Fire personnel and assets were dispatched via the Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center today at 1634 hours PDT for a wildfire in the Old Kettle area of Stevens County, Washington.

No photo description available.

A RED FLAG WARNING has been issued fro the east and Washington State areas due to gusty winds and lightning expected Thursday & Friday.

Resources included: AR 451 AR 63 DNR 33 E 12 HT 43 NC 25 NC 26 NC 40 NC 41+Crew NC 42+Crew NC 43+Crew NC 44+Crew NC 61 NC 7301 NC 7302 NC 7303 NC 7304 NC 7305 NC 7306 NC 7307 were on-scene immediately.

About 5.5 acres of grass, brush and duff was scorched. Fire crews have the fire 100% lined. (per WA DNR CAD system).  The WA DNR PIO states fire is actually 2 acres and listed just outside of Kettle Falls.

No photo description available.

Fire crews and aircraft worked hand-in-hand working to gain a full containment.

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The Wildfire Log | Smoke Check – Milk Creek | WA


Fire personnel have been sent to the Milk Creek area in Ferry County, Washington on Wednesday, June 12th around 1745 hours.  Resources were en route at 1810 hours PDT.

This is an open an active incident.

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The Wildfire Log | 0276 NW Fire | OR | 1


UPDATE 1 | Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 2100 hours PDT

Fire crews were dispatched through the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center this afternoon at 1643 hours to a wildfire burning in the Wickiup Reservoir.

A total of 0.1 acres was scorched.

There is no current CAD data showing if resources are on-scene, if this is an active incident or the fire status.

More will be updated as details are received.

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The Wildfire Log | Calaveras Fire | CA | 1


Update 1 | Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 2045 hours PDT

A wildfire is burning in the CAL FIRE SCU area that provides fire services in the Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa and in the western portion of Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties.

Photo Credit: CAL FIRE SCU

It started on June 10, 2019, off of Calaveras Road and Weller Road, just east of Milpitas in Santa Clara County, California.

Fire crews have successfully held this to a small 35 acres and 90% containment.  Full containment is expected on Wednesday, June 12th.

This evening, firefighters will continue to reinforce containment lines and mop-up operations, as well as extinguishing any hot spots may rekindle in unburned fuels.

A firefighter was reportedly injured during yesterday’s fire suppression efforts. His condition is unknown.

As fire managers were managing this incident, another wildfire ignited called the WATER FIRE on the same day and located just west of the Calaveras Reservoir.  Crews were able to stop the forward spread of this fire.

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The Wildfire Log | Alaska Fires | 1


Update 1 – Tuesday, June 11, 2019 – 2035 PDT


The LAKE MINAKOKOSA FIRE is located about 50 miles east of Kobuk, Alaska.

The wildfire was knocked down after effective drops from water-scooping Fire Boss aircraft and extensive work completed by the smokejumpers on the north end of the lake.  The fire is said to have started at a construction work site and where smokejumpers are working to contain the fire.

There is an estimated 15 acres of tundra and sparse spruce trees burning.  They are expecting the fire to be fully contained in a few days.


BLM firefighters responded today to a new wildfire located 17 miles north of Russian Mission.  Aircraft from the BLM AFS Galena Fire Management Zone sent an aircraft to check out the possible fire. Once the crew arrived, they observed the fire active and burning through tundra.

Photo of the Kuyukutuk Fire (#224) is burning in tundra about 17 miles north of Russian Mission and Marshal on June 10, 2019. It is estimated to be 15 acres in size.

The Kuyukutuk Fire | Credit: Tony Chapman of the BLM AFS team

Two fire bosses and eight smokejumpers whom just completed fire suppression on nearby DARBY MOUNTAINS FIRE about 15 miles northwest of Koyuk were diverted to this wildfire.  Smokejumpers arrived around 1500 hours.

Fire PIO is unsure if there are any structures or other high value risks in the area.

They are  being managed with a strategy other than a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned:


The NORTH RIVER fire is burning in the Galena Zone on Bureau of Land Management or known as BLM on their lands, about 38 miles NE of Koyuk.  Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, flanking and backing.


The SWAN LAKE fire is burning in lands managed by the Alaska Department of Forestry or AK DOF in the Kenai-Kodiak Area, about 12 miles NE of Sterling.  Active fire behavior is with group torching, flanking and backing.  There has been 2,547 acres of timber and short grass burned.  There is a 0% containment status at the time of this posting.

HOW TO REPORT A WILDFIRE | Call 9-1-1 or 800-237-3633.

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