The Wildfire Log | WA | Week of April 15, 2019

Washington State | Due to the Fire Season starting early this year, we have begun our weekly series called The Wildfire Log for each State starting with Washington and then Oregon.  As fires start picking up, we will be trying our best (to stay caught up) to report them on a daily basis. Past years have been so crazzzzeeeee – and, that’s an understatement.

Here is your Wildfire Activity log for the week of April 15, 2019 (Monday through Saturday).

Chelan County

4/17/2019 @ 1615 hours | Merry Canyon Fire | Merry Canyon. Grass fire fuels.  0.75 acres. Contained and controlled 1453 hours. Incident #SES-45 PN L75T (1502) CDQ-221.

Colville Agency/Mt Tolman

4/20/2019 @ 1324 Hours | Jack Wells Road Fire | Limited information. 1 acre. Inc #COA-1900-50 L78J.

Kittitas County

4/15/2019 @ 1604 hours | Manastash Creek Fire | Manastash Creek.  Grass fire.  0.1 acres. Contained @ 1710 and controlled @ 1711 hours. Incident #SES-43 CDP-221.

Okanogan County

4/18/2019 @ 0759 hours | Silver Queen Fire | Silver Queen.  0.1 acre.  WFS jurisdiction.  Incident #NES-1166 AOH-221.

4/17/2019 @ 1805 hours | Antwyne Split Fire | Antwyne Valley.  1.74 acres of grass, brush, timber, logs and duff.  IC HI 7102.  Contained 4/17/2019 @ 2315 hours. Controlled 4/18/2019 @ 1000 hours. Inc #NES-1168 AOI-221.

Spokane County

4/16/2019 @ 1601 hours | Espanola Fire | Chase Road.  Grass, brush and timber fire fuels. 0.1 acre. IC AR444.  Contained on 4/16/2019 @ 1700 hours. Controlled @ 4/16/2019 @ 1800 hours. Inc #NES-1164 AOF-221.

Stevens County

4/17/2019 @ 1602 hours | Cole Creek Fire | Grass, brush and slash fire fuels. 0.2 acres. IC NC 26.  Patrol status.  Inc #NES-1167 AOJ-221.

4/17/2019 @ 1105 hours | Gillette Creek Fire | Adam Sherry.  WFS jurisdiction. 0.1 acre. Inc# NES-1165 AOG-221.

4/16/2019 @ 1554 hours | Corbett Fire | Corbett Creek.  Grass fire fuels.  0.4 acre.  Contained on 4/16/2019 @ 1630  hours. Controlled and put out on 4/18/2019 @ 1101 hours. Inc #NES-1163  AOE-221.

4/15/2019 @ 1804 Hours | Flowery Fire | Flowery Trail. Grass, brush and slash fire fuels. 2 acres. IC NC 345.  Contained on 4/15/2019 @ 2000.  Controlled on 4/16/2019 @ 1000 hours.  Inc #NES-1160 AOD-221.

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MONROE, WA | Apartment Fire Cause Determined | 2

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wa. | Firefighters from Snohomish County Fire District #7 were dispatched just after 1900 hours PDT, to an apartment fire located in the 14600 block of 179th Ave SE in Monroe.

The Fire Investigator is on-scene and has determined the fire started in the kitchen.  The cause has not been determined at this time, but the FIU Investigator is currently investigating.

Resources on-scene were from Lake Stevens FD, Everett FD, Woodinville FD, Duvall Fire District #45 and Snohomish FD.  Monroe PD assisted with traffic control duties and the transported the injured kitty to a local vet after Firefighters brought it back to life.

A total of 19 residents have been displaced by the impacted by the fire.  The American Red Cross is currently assisting the families.

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MONROE, WA | Firefighters Revive One Furry Life

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wa. | Firefighters from Snohomish County Fire District #7 were dispatched just after 1900 hours PDT, to an apartment fire located in the 14600 block of 179th Ave SE in Monroe.

Quickly egressing upon the fire, firefighters were able to put the fire out within a short amount of time.  After the fire was tapped, they immediately checked for any hot spots or extensions.

Photo Credit | SCFD7

The fire broke out in the evening on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

After conducting primary and secondary searches of the apartment unit, they found no humans home but their four-legged family member was found.  Firefighters extricated the unresponsive feline and began giving it oxygen and ultimately saving its life.

All-in-all, there were a total of eight apartment units affected by the fire.

Resources on-scene and assisting with firefighting and containment efforts are from the Lake Stevens FD, Everett FD, Woodinville FD, Duvall Fire District #45 and Snohomish FD.  Monroe PD was also on-scene for traffic control and one of their Officers transported the injured kitty to a local vet in the area.

Photo Credit | SCFD7

It was a well-coordinated effort by all whom responded to this apartment fire.

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CHICAGO, IL | 5-Alarm Commercial Fire | 1

CHICAGO, Illinois

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | CFD Media @CFDMedia


A commercial building fire started this evening on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, in the Newly Weds Food in a large facility, where the incident has now been escalated to a 5-Alarm (at 1912 Hours CDT).  This is a baking and food manufacturing business.

It is located in the 4110 block of West Wrightwood Avenue and near Keeler.  This is on the northwest side but some onlookers are saying that the whole block is on fire with multiple exposure buildings in the Fullerton area.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | CFD Media @CFDMedia


The fire building, a three-story commercial building size is a 200 x 300 factory building reported with heavy fire through the fire and a collapse in the middle of the structure.

As soon as employees discovered the fire, they self-extricate and were all accountable for.  There were no injuries reported. (1638 PDT)

The fire’s alarm was increased to a 3-11 and a HAZMAT scene, Level 1.  There were no injuries reported at this time of the incident.

Chicago Water Management increased pressure for fire lines.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | CFD Media @CFDMedia

At 1843 hours PDT (West Coast time), Operations reported five (5) master streams working along with four (4) Tower Ladders and one (1) Snorkel.  Most of the fire is on the interior.  Reporting making good progress.


1 Firefighter injured. Very minor issue but being transported.  Medics state green patient.


The Metra-Milwaukie N trains have been halted in both directions.

Photo Credit | CFD Media @CFDMedia


The business was formed in 1932, and is a privately owned business that has about between 1,001 and 5,000 employees.  They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

They are well-respected and well-known in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry and their employees speak in great volumes on how amazing this company values its employees, pays them well, creating positive work/balance, comradely, as well as job security.

They generate about $100 to $500 Million in revenue annually and the CEO has been known to give out bonuses twice in one year!  They cannot say enough positive things about their CEO and the company’s Vice Presidents.  This is a very good business that has a great family-like environment and cares deeply for their employees.

Thoughts and prayers for those who own this business, impacted by the fire and whom have worked in this building – we will keep you all in our daily remembrances. – Ed.


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McAlester, Oklahoma | Blue Creek Fire | 1

McAlester, (Pittsburgh County) Oklahoma

A wildfire named the Blue Creek Fire is currently burning in the east central area of land managed by the Oklahoma Department of Forestry (DOF), about 14 miles northeast of McAlester.

About 100 acres of timber have been destroyed.

There is active fire behavior with wind-driven runs.  Fire crews have reached an 95% containment status.

There are two personnel assigned to this incident along with one engine.

The total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment costs have reached a minimum of $1,000.00.

No cause is known at this time.

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Cleveland, Oklahoma | Dues Wildfire | 1


A wildfire named the Dues Fire  is burning about one mile northeast of Cleveland, Oklahoma in timber, short grass and brush in the area managed by the Osage Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Fire behavior consists of moderate fire with backing, creeping and smoldering.

There has been 2,484 acres scorched and fire crews have reached a 95% containment status.

There are 11 total personnel which include two engines.

One structure was lost.  The total cost-to-date of fire suppression and containment expenses equal to approximately $13,000.00.

The cause is unknown at this time.

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LAKE HAVASU, ARIZONA | Firefighters from CA and AZ Respond


Incident Summary

A very large brush fire is burning on Body Beach in Lake Havasu, Arizona that started on Sunday, March 31, 2019.  It been reportedly that it has already scorched 60 acres of land and the Lake Havasu Mayor expects it to burn closer to 100 acres by the time the fire is fully contained.

Fighting Fire from the SBcoFD BT-32 | Credit: San Bernardino County FD


Lake Havasu Fire Department (AZ) and San Bernardino County (CA) along with SBcoFD Fire Boat 32.

Photo taken around Contact Point | Credit: SBcoFD

Traffic Alerts

Highway 95 is closed between Mulberry Ave and S Acoma Boulevard.


Currently, the preliminary cause of the fire is unknown.

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BELLEVUE | Firefighters Respond to Early Morning Fire

BELLEVUE, Wa. | Firefighters were dispatched to a working fire in a multi-family apartment building in the 14300 block of NE 7th Place on Sunday, March 23, 2019 around 0250 hours PDT.  First arriving units reported fire on the south side.

Less than 10 minutes later, firefighters would get a good knockdown from the exterior enabling crews to access the interior of the building.  It was determined that the fire only impacted the original unit and none to the other nearby units.

Ladder 103 aerial as Roof Operations, checks for extension to the attic. | Credit: Bellevue FD.

Crews checked for extension and found no exposures to the attic space.  Primary and secondary searches proved to find nothing.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities to residents or to firefighters.

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NORWAY | Cruise Ship Limps Into Port | Update 2

MOLDE,  Norway | On March 23, 2019, around 1400 hours (Norwegian time), the VIKING SKY, a cruiser liner owned by Norwegian parent company VIKING Ocean Cruises sent  out a Mayday due to loss of their power engine.  The engine was unable to be restarted but has since the cruise ship lost complete power and was assisted by several tug boats back to the nearest port.

Credit | Rade Kors (Norwegian Red Cross)

The ship was seen on video from passengers and media news outlets of a large cruise liner listing from side-to-ship as it was being battled by heavy winds.  Video of the interior also showed ceiling tiles falling on passengers and furniture swaying from side of the boat to the other.

The Norwegian Coast Guard and mutual aid worked throughout the afternoon and into the evening with the assistance of five helicopters, began the painstaking and the very dangerous rescue mission of plucking one passenger at a time.

At the time the Mayday went out by the ship, there were over 1300 passengers and crew on board.

Red Cross members gather | Credit: Norges Rode Kors


Around 0100 hours (West Coast time) on March 24, 2019, passengers from the VIKING Star were received at the Hustadvika evacuation center. They received dry clothes, blankets and first aid.  The Norwegian Red Cross aka Norges Rode Kors said they were seeing bruises, broken bones and cuts. Many of the passengers were in need of emotional and mental health support from a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to.


Note:  All hours listed are West Coast time due to the time difference. These are the times listed on Social Media.

1300 hours, March 24, 2019 | The VIKING Sky can be seen sitting in port via the ** Live ** Webcam in Molde here.

0603 hours, March 24, 2019 | The VIKING Sky is safe.  It is near the port of Molde.

Credit | Internet

0015 hours, March 24, 2019 | The tugs are attached and we are about to turn towards the nearest port.

2158 hours, March 23, 2019 |  Current position of the VIKING Sky via an AIS radio transponder showed three rescue vessels VIVAX, OCEAN RESPONSE, NORMAND RANGER on a marine traffic map along with two additional SAR vessels heading towards the listing cruise liner.

2144 hours, March 23, 2019 | Volunteers from the Auxilliary corps are in place at the Evakuertcenter at Brynshallen in Hustadvika order and ready to take care of evacuees from the VIKING Sky.

2127 hours, March 23, 2019 | 297 passengers has been evacuated by helicopter rescue. (0450 hours March 24, 2019, Norway time)

1706 hours, March 23, 2019 | On board the (Ship), the crew is doing an amazing job on tending to our needs. The galley has been damaged with broken glass, wine bottles, dishes, etc. The (crew) yet has managed to make us sandwiches, bring water and keep us calm.

1448 hours, March 23, 2019 | The aftermath of a door being blown open after a massive wave that hit the ship is an eye-opener as seen in this video.  Credit | Ryan Flynn (@RyanDFlynn11).


The VIKING Ocean Cruises have a hotline that family members of passengers can call to find out about more details.  The US/AU booked guests line is 1-888-889-8837 or for UK booked guests, you can call 07585 779 853 or 0208 780 7900.

Thank you for following this post.  We are sending out thoughts and prayers to all who have been impacted by this Cruise Ship Disaster from being impacted by the rescues to being welcomed in to the Evacuation Center. – Ed.

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Los Angeles County, California | Gorman Incident

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Ca. | A twenty-five to thirty vehicle pileup occurred on Saturday, March 23, 2019, around three in the afternoon  on the I-5 Freeway in the southbound lanes about two miles south of Gorman Road.  Another nearby crash reported another large amount of vehicles involved.

Credit | CAL Trans District 7


Resources from all outlying areas would be dispatched together forming a Unified Command including the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Ventura County Fire Department, Kern County Fire Department, CHP and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office.

At 1551 hours, Battalion 6 from the LA County Fire Department assumed as the Incident Commander (IC) of the incident.

Fire resources included:  KCFD E56, Copters 15, 17, 18 and LA County FD’s Copter 423. Engines 93, 103, USAR 103 and HAZMAT 105.  More unknown resources were on-scene assisting with putting out a car fire and assessing multiple casualties.


There is an unknown cause at this time but it has been reported that temps in the area were around 46*F but felt like 38*F with fog and poor visibility.


Social Media was energized by those who were reporting on the major mass casualty incident or also known as a MCI.  Significant events that occurred at this incident included the following:

  • 25-30 vehicles total in the Gorman area
  • Poor visibility caused challenges to those in the air and on the ground
  • 1 critical patient with 22 refusing treatment or medical transport
  • All southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway were shutdown
  • 20-30 vehicles being towed
  • 100 stranded cars between two separate multiple traffic collisions
  • 1 Injured horse
  • 1 car fire
  • 3 Copters, 1 Air Attack

Credit | Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Office

For those following this post, there is something that miraculously occurred today in all of this mayhem and that this could have been so much far off worse than it was.  It was all due in part because those who were on-scene jumped into action and first responders had quick response times which saved a lot of lives.  Command by all those involved from the various Fire and Law Enforcement agencies worked in unison with one another.


Here are some of the eyewitness accounts that broke out on Social Media:

LA County Fire Air Ops | “MCI” responding two Paramedic helicopters to assist with a multiple vehicle pile up on Interstate 5 near Gorman, CA”

Eyewitness Account (Twitter) | “At least two separate, severe pile ups on the southbound 5, North of Exit 202. Thick fog.”

This area has also seen its additional bad wrecks as well.  Here is a recent listing of those that have occurred in the several months:

3/20/2019 | A crash is blocking the two left lanes. in on I-5 NB at Gorman School Rd. (Media)

3/17/2019 | TRAFFIC COLLISION | FS77 | 46001 N Orwin Way | COPT17 transporting 2 patients to an area trauma center. (Media)

3/15/2019 | NB I-5 from SR-138 (Lancaster Rd) to Rd- right lane CLOSED until 1pm to recover big rig on embankment. (CAL Trans District 7)

2/2/2019 | TRAFFIC COLLISION MAJOR | FS77 | NB 5 South of Smokey Bear Rd | Multiple vehicles involved with 7-10 patients. 1 DOA, 1 critical. This is the “Highland Incident” (Media)

We are using the following hashtags for this incident:  #GormanIC  #GormanMCI

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