Safety Saturday Tip of the Day | Passwords

Updated 0925 PST

We’ve decided to do something fun and educational by providing Safety Tips on Saturdays!

Today’s Safety Saturday Tip of the Day:  Creating Hard-to-Crack Passwords

Here are several Basic recommendations by those in IT to get you started:

Do Not Use the Following

  • Never use your name or someone else’s that can be easily cracked
  • Never use your  Social Security Number
  • Never use a saying, for example:  LiveLoveLaugh123
  • Never ever use Password 123
  • Never write your password down or store where someone steal it unlocking all your files
  • Never give out your password or IP address


  • Use combinations of letters, numbers, symbols, i.e. 4J%36LL9_#
  • Keepass is a great tool if you have multiple passwords

Remember, keeping your computer from hackers is very important in protecting your personal and business information safe.

May you all have a Safe Saturday wherever your journey may take you today or tonight.

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