Update | Police Conducting Grid Search | Oregon

0125 Hours PST

Portland (Multnomah County), Oregon

Earlier this morning on December 17, 2016, a vehicle was stolen with an infant inside.

The vehicle is described as a Cherry Red 2015 Kia Rio with Plate #329 HXP.  There are several stickers on the rear of the vehicle:

  • Uber and Lyft
  • Mother-to-Be
  • Daddy-o

It has not been reported if it is a Hatchback or sedan.  Here are two examples of what the vehicle may look like.  Note: These are not the images of the stolen vehicle.

Image result for 2015 kia rio

Image result for 2015 red kia rio sedan


Approximately 30 Police Officers are now conducting a grid search to search for the car and the infant.  A possible sighting of the vehicle may have been seen but has been ruled out as the vehicle.

Additional resources are being brought into the area.

See Something? Say Something.

If you see this vehicle, do not approach – call 9-1-1.

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