#BreakingNews | Ohare Airport Invaded by Protesters

Updated @ 1930 PST

Chicago, Illinois – Approximately one-thousand protesters are at O’Hare airport in Chicago protesting  the new Muslim ban signed as an Executive Order by President Donald J. Trump.

Large teams of Police Officers are currently moving in to control the crowd of people rushing out of the airport’s Terminal #5 and appear to be headed to nearby Interstate 90.

Police reporting crowds are growing larger as the Manhattan Blue Line train was arriving with approximately 50-75 people arriving at the airport.  Since, Police starting arriving on-scene, they are now delaying the train to every 20 minutes to help alleviate the large crowd pressures.

Police are blocking exit ramps to keep protesters off the I-90 ramp.  Law Enforcement officials are also ready to respond by arresting them.


We are compiling a list of Airports affected and recommend you to check your flight before departing or arriving to your intended City.

  • O’Hare Airport – Chicago, Illinois.  Over 1,000 protesters have taken over Terminal 5 and trying to gain access to nearby I-90.
  • Denver, Colorado
  • JFK Airport – New York. 5 persons were detained.  ACLU attorneys argued for them to be released and a NY Federal judge granted them their freedom.
  • SFO – San Francisco, California.
  • PDX – Portland, Oregon.
  • SeaTac Airport – Seattle, Washington. Over 1000 protesters have taken over the airport.


Federal Judge Halts Refugee Bans

A NY Federal Judge ruled the bans are unconstitutional allowing freedom for five detainees.  Though this happened, there are still major protests happening all over the United States.

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