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Several States have been hit by several wildfires with over a million combined acres already scorched, just in less than a week already.

Here are multiple fires that have broken out mainly in Oklahoma but know there are more fires across the United States.  This is for March 9th, 2017.

283 Fire [OK]

3/6/2017 started.  Located in Harper County, near the communities of Rosston, Laverne and May. Damage assessments still ongoing.  Numerous still under direct threat.

72,000 acres. 11% contained. Type 4 IC in Unified Command.

Badcock Grub Road Fire [FL]

3/4/2017 started.  400 acres.  75% containment.

Broke Fence Fire [OK]

3/1/2017 started.  252 acres.  96% contained. Type 4 IC.

Bunch Mtn [OK]

3/5/2017 started.  1,100 acres.  50% contained.

Conway Ranch Fire [OK]

Latimer County. 497 acres.

Dairy Farm Fire [OK]

3/2/2017 started.  3,265 acres. 99% contained.  Type 4 IC.

Fenton Fire [KY]

3/2/2017 started.  121 acres.  40% containment.  Type 4 IC.

Hickory Tree [FL]

3/6/2017 started.  110 acres.  75% contained. Type 4 IC.

Irate Fire [OK]

3/6/2017 started. 2,000 acres.  40% contained.  Type 4 IC.

Jay Bar Ranch Fire [OK]

Delaware County.  200 acres.

Lee Williams Road [FL]

3/5/2017 started.  7,500 acres.  40% contained.  IMT2 Dolan.  3 residences and 3 outbuildings lost.

Lefors East Fire [TX]

3/7/2017 started.  135,000 acres.  100% contained. Type 4 IC in Unified command.

Lost Creek Fire [OK]

3/2/2017 started.  2,135 acres.  98% contained. ICT 4 command.

Milsap Fire [OK]

3/2/2017 started.  9,636 acres.  40% contained. Type IC3 unit. 1 residence lost.

Missala Fire [OK]

3/5/2017 started.  500 acres.  100% contained.  Type 3 IC.  1 outbuilding destroyed.

Perryton Fire [TX]

The fire started on March 6th around 1600 hours and is located in Ochiltree and Lipscomb Counties in the Texas Panhandle.

Photo from responding resoruces on Mar. 6, 2017
Courtesy: Inciweb

Texas A&M Forest Service is currently on scene with ground resources working in conjunction with local resources. Fire has skirted south of the City of Higgins. Fire behavior is moderate to high. Two homes have been reported as lost.

318,056 acres. 75% contained. Type 3 IC in Unified Command.  2 residences and 9 outbuildings destroyed.

Selman Fire [OK]

Located approximately 10 miles North of Woodward.  In Harper and Woodward Counties. 47,289 acres. 10% containment status. Multiple homes and secondary structures were lost but a damage assessment is ongoing.   Numerous structures are under direct threat.

There was a zero fire growth as of Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.

Spring Creek Farm Fire [OK] 

3/3/2017 started. 687 acres.  90% contained. Type 4 IC.

Staples Road Fire [OK]

Atoka County.  900 acres.

Starbuck Fire [OK & KS]

3/6/2017 started. Oklahoma Dept. of Forestry. The fire is located two miles West of Gate, Oklahoma. 715,484 acres. 10% contained. Type 4 IC in Unified Command. Part of the NW OK Complex Wildfire.  The cause is currently unknown and under investigation.

Near OK communities of Buffalo, Knowles, Gate, Rosston and Laverne.  Communities have suffered tremendous losses of homes, secondary structures, livestock and other infrastructure.  Several communities still remain threatened.  Damage assessments are still ongoing.

ROS was limited with a zero growth rate as of yesterday, March 8th.

Taylor Fire [OK]

Adair County.  100 acres.

Territory Fire [OK]

3/6/2017. 500 acres. 78% contained.  Type 3 IC.

Trail Fire [FL]

3/5/2017 started.  1,065 acres.  75% contained.


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