History Repeats Itself

The Didion Milling plant in Cambria, Wisconsin is on fire. Again.  This is not the second fire for the plant but the third!  Cambria Fire Department has fought multiple fires at this facility on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, and already into Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Major fires occurred on December 28, 2014 and on January 16, 2010.

Explosion and Fire

An explosion rocked the Didion Milling plant located in the 500 block of Williams in Cambria, Wisconsin occurred around 2322 hours CDT on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, that erupted in fire.  This now a 4th Alarm and Major MCI.

Reports across several scanning channels reported that the first due in lay witness to fire burning in the center of the building.

Fire Contained

The Sheriff’s Office said over 37 #Fire #EMS #MedicalFlight Agencies worked together in combination as they responded to the 4th Alarm fire and explosion at the plant.

It has been said that the plant building has collapsed within itself and is literally gone as one source reported.

Firefighters will remain on scene until the fire is completely tapped.  For the time-being, the scene is very active and may be for days until a cause can be determined by Fire investigators.



Since the explosion, the Village of Cambria was completely in the dark with major power lines down along with power poles down, trapping people beneath them.  Command requested when the power company could shut off power so they could reach the multiple people under them.

Heavy rescue units were requested to work to save them.

Ruptured Gas Line

Last night, a gas line located on the East side of the fire building near the silos was burning but the Fire Department reported it being shutdown.  Employees had said they heard someone screaming awhile back but no details were known at the known.  Resources were being requested.


Because of a busy night in Cambria, all non-emergency traffic was eventually moved off the County Comm Center’s TAC1 channel on to others, unless it was emergency traffic.


Mutual Aid

Over 37 Agencies (Fire, Police, EMS, Medical) responded to the scene.


Incident Cooperators

Red Cross, Salvation Army, Alliant Energy, Cambria PD, Cambria FD.


Confirmed Death/Injuries

There was one confirmed person who was killed and an unknown number of injuries.

Medical Air Transports

Four medivac helicopters transported several burn patients to area hospitals.


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UPDATED:  0907 CDT / 0707 PDT 6/1/2017 – Thursday