Due to the ever-increasing amount of fires here in the United States, we thought it might be easier to breakdown each wildfire as a combined post for each single State.   We are working to glean from all of our sources and are adding/deleting fires as we go.

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This wildfire is located in the Galena Zone and on BLM lands and 18 miles south of St. Michael.  Fire fuels include grass.  Fire behavior is active with creeping and is smoldering.  There have been 8,863 acres scorched so far with a 0% containment.  6 crews have been assigned to this incident.  Fire suppression and containment costs total $1,000.


This fire is also on the Galena Zone and BLM lands and located 22 miles east of St. Michael.  Grass is the main fire fuel.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering.  There has been 13,455 acres with a 0% containment status.  There are 25 personnel with no additional resources assigned.  $80,000 is the total amount as of today, for fire suppression and containment costs.

#TokHillFire #AKwildfires2017


The wildfire is located 28 miles NW of Tok and being addressed by the Tok Area Forestry and Alaska Department of Forestry.  Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.  832 acres have been destroyed with containment at 95%.  There are 131 personnel assigned along with 4 crews, 1 engine and 2 helicopters.  Cost-to-date is $2.2 Million.

#NRobertsonFire #AKwildfires2017


This third fire is also on the Galena Zone with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and 2 miles south of Anvik.  Timber is the main fire fuel.  There is minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  358 acres have been burned but crews have successfully been able to gain a 90% containment status.  There are 52 personnel assigned along with 2 crews and 1 helicopter.  $330,000 total for fire suppression costs.

#DeadmansSloughFire #AKwildfires2017


Ball Creek is burning in the SW Area Forestry, about 8 miles east of Flat.  13,924 acres of grass and hardwood litter have been charred.  There is a 0% containment status as of today’s date. There are 20 personnel along with 1 crew assigned. Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering.

#BallCreekFire #AKwildfires2017

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