Wildfires have been igniting all over Arizona, known as the Grand Canyon State and seem to be growing ever so more – as the conditions continue to become more hot and dry.


The Boundary fire is burning on both the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests on their boundary lines and about 17 miles NW of Flagstaff in the Kendrick Mountain Wilderness.   The lightning caused fire has scarred the lands by burning 3,800 acres of timber, grass and heavy logging slash that has a 0% containment status.  The fire is burning in heavy dead down trees and forest debris from the 2000 Pumpkin Fire which has a moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing. There are 261 personnel assigned along with a Type 2 IMT (Command), 6 crews, 7 engines and 3 helicopters. Costs have risen up to $892,000.


On June 7, 2017, a fire was detected 13 miles SE of Bowie, Arizona (SE District/AZ DOF) with fire fuels of tall grass and brush.  Fire personnel were dispatched and were faced with rugged terrain as they worked to suppress and contain this fire.  On June 11, 2017, the fire has burned 3,036 acres and there is a 90% containment status.  Current fire behavior is minimal with smoldering and still threatening structures. Fire resources include 302 personnel, 9 crews, 8 engines and 1 helicopter from the AZ DOF, USDA FS, Coronado NF, BLM, Gila District and Safford Field Office.  Firefighters are also faced with hot, dry, low relative humidity (RH) and gusty windy weather conditions.  Red Flag warning is just below required criteria.  Suppression costs have soared to $946,000.



The Freeze 2 Fire is burning about 50 miles NE of San Carlos on the San Carlos Apache Reservation and 27 miles SE of Whitewater, Arizona.  This lightning caused fire started on June 1, 2017 around midnight and destroyed 1,431 acres of timber.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering with a 20% containment status.  Structures are currently under threat. There are 341 personnel assigned with a IMT 2 (Command) team and 7 crews, 11 engines and 5 helicopters. Cost-to-date fire suppression costs have reached $1.1 Million.


The Frye Fire is burning on the north side of Mt. Graham in the Coronado National Forest (CNF) and 9 miles west of Swift Trail Junction that was ignited by lightning on June 7th.  About 304 acres of timber and brush  have been destroyed and has reached the area where the old burn scar of the 2004 Nutall Complex Fire had previously burned the lands. Fire behavior is moderate with wind-driven runs, flanking and creeping. It is currently at a 0% containment status.  There are 98 personnel along with 4 crews, 4 engines and 1 helicopter attached to this incident.  Cost-to-date has reached $150,000.

Community Public Meeting (Fire Info), June 12, 2017 @ 1900 Hours at the Graham County General Services Office. 921 Thatcher Boulevard in Safford, Arizona. (Frye Fire Info Meeting)


The Highline Fire is burning on lands in the Mogollon Rim area (Tonto NF) and  located NW of Payson and Bonita Creek Estates, 8 miles north of Payson, Arizona that started on June 10, 2017.  The fire ignited from an unknown cause on June 10, 2017, which is now approximately 100 acres of ponderosa pine and grass with a 0% containment status.   Fire behavior is extremely active, running, torching and spotting. Structures are under direct threat. The fire was said to have a high rate of spread (ROS) due to winds and spotting.   Resources on-scene include 119 personnel along with 6 engines, 4 crews, 2 type 3 helicopters and 1 Air tanker.


A large wildfire called the Lizard Fire is located 2 miles SE of Dragoon in the Dragoon Mountain Range in the Douglas Ranger District area.  It is south of I-10 and west of S-191, near Pearce Sunsites Cochise Stronghold.  There is active fire behavior with flanking, wind-driven and uphill runs.  This has brought out 350 personnel to this fire that has already destroyed 10,513 acres but they reached a 5% containment status. 296 personnel are attached to this wildfire along with 5 crews and 18 engines.  Fire cost suppression total to date of $535,000.

This fire differs from the rest of all others listed in this single AZ State post in that this incident is threatening power transmission lines and puts firefighters in serious harm’s way.  Power to the lines has been temporarily disconnected and brownouts are expected over an unknown period of time.   Power lines are operated by Electric Power Coop, western Area power Admin and Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Coop.

Evacuations have occurred & a ARC shelter was established at the Union Valley HS @ 4088 E Jefferson Rd, Elfrida, Arizona.

Community Meeting, June 11, 2017 @ 1630 hours @ Sunsites Community Center @ 1216 Treas Rd in Sunsites. (Lizard Fire Info Meeting)


A fire is burning on the Coronado National Forest about 17 miles of Vail, Arizona on the east side of the Rhicon Mountains that has cremated 1,064 acres of brush and grass.  Containment has reached 80% with the aid of 100 personnel, 2 crews and 2 engines.  Fire behavior is creeping and smoldering and still threatening structures. Firefighters will continue reinforcing flanks, working to secure any hot spots that has any potential to grow.  The cost-to-date for this wildfire is up to $850,000.


A wildfire broke out on May 8th, when lightning struck the area on the Tonto National Forest located 6 miles south of Globe, Arizona.  The fire today, is 7,193 acres of timber, grass and understory and slowly being contained. Current containment has reached 95%.  Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering and creeping. Firefighters are continuing to patrol, mop-up operations of hot spots and while facing hot, dry conditions for the next few days. There are 74 personnel along with a Type 3 IMT (Command) unit.  Incident Cooperators include the American Red Cross, AZ Game and Fish Dept., AZ Public Services, AZ DOF, Gila County Emergency Management, Gila County Sheriff’s Office, Globe FD, Globe PD and the Tri-City FD.


A new wildfire broke out on Sunday, June 11, 2017, is burning on the Coronado NF along with many more fires.  This fire is located 23 miles NE of Elfrida, Arizona that has devastated 380 acres of brush and grass.  A 10% containment status has been reached but the fire still has active fire behavior with flanking.  It is currently threatening structures.  There are 120 personnel assigned along with 6 crews.  Costs have reached $50,000.


The Saner Fire is located on the Coronado NF and 21 miles SE of Elfrida, Arizona which was also ignited by lightning.  About 354 acres of scrub oak and grass have been cremated but crews have reached a 40% containment status. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering. There are 35 personnel along with 1 crew and 2 engines assigned to this incident.  Weather forecast is for more hot and dry conditions. Costs to date have reached $75,000.


About 16 miles west of Heber and 2 miles N of Forest Lakes near Chevelon Canyon, the Slim wildfire is burning on the Apache-Sitgreaves NF in the Black Mesa Ranger District  has blistered its landscape filled with fire fuels of timber and closed timber litter.  The fire was reported on June 2, 2017 from an unknown cause. Fire behavior as of Sunday, June 11, is minimal with creeping but has seen 3,241 acres lost.  Currently, containment has reached 75% with the assistance of 158 personnel and resources of 2 Interagency Hot Shots, 3 Type 3 hand crews, 2 helicopters, 1 Type 3 engine, 2 Type 6 engines, 1 dozer, 3 water tenders, misc overhead personnel along with an air attack. Costs have soared to $2.6 Million.


A newly started wildfire started on June 10th at 1900 hours from an unknown cause bringing out local fire crews fr om Daisy Mountain FD and mutual aid resources.  The fire is located 4 miles SE of Black Canyon city and N of Table, Arizona.  At 0100 on Sunday, June 11, 2017, the AZ DOF and Fire Management agency took command of the fire.  The fire is now at 700 acres with a 0% containment status.  This fire is in hard-to-access brush and tall grass.  About 100 firefighters are faced with hot and windy conditions  A VLAT and Hand crew is on order.

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