OOA – Arizona Wildfires Sit Rep – May 18, 2018

Statewide, Ariz. – We have gleaned information from various sources and put into a single post on wildfires that are burning across the State.


The Happy Fire is located in the NW District of the Arizona Department of Forestry and about 19 miles north of Bagdad on Mohon Peak in Yavapai County. Fire is inaccessible to engines and the rugged terrain is of concern by Fire Officials for their fire ground crews.

Aerial Photo of Happy Fire

Photo Credit: AZ State Forestry Division – State Office

Fire behavior is moderate with backing and has scorched 1,116 acres of brush and short grass. It is said to have a small amount of growth and no threats to any structures in the area.  There are no evacuations or road closures in effect.

There is a current 10% containment status and is being monitored by air.

There are 7 personnel with no additional resources.

CTD for fire suppression and containment status have reached $15,000.


Flames engulfing Ponderosa pine in foreground, heavy smoke in background

Photo Credit: Apache-Sitgreaves NFs

The Woods Fire is burning on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest about 8 miles northeast of Kohl Ranch. The wildfire was discovered on May 12, 2018  (Friday) near Forest Road 195 just west/northwest of Woods Canyon Lake on the Black Mesa Ranger District.

The fire was said to have spread to the N-NE until reached the footprint of the 2017 Alder Prescribed Burn.  Air tanker and water drops were not available due to windy conditions.  Crews would instead focus on the east and west flanks of the fire tying all the lines together with the Alder RX .  It was completely lined on Friday.

There has been 103 acres burned.  This is now at a 100% containment status.  However, there are still 16 personnel assigned.  Crews will remain on the fire line to monitor and patrol the area.

The CTD is $225,000.


The Pinery Fire is located in the Arizona Department of Forestry’s SE District,  6 miles southwest of Hilltop and 29 miles southeast of Willcox.  The fire started on private land that has moved to the north and east on to the Chiricahua National Monument and Coronado National Forest.

Firefighters with handtools standing on a dirt road next to flames in the grass and brush at night

Photo Credit: AZ Forestry Division – State Office

There has been 1,200 acres of timber and brush burned but crews have reached a 80% containment status.  The fire is said to be burning in the same footprint of the 2011 Horseshoe Fire in an area with heavy fire fuels, such as heavy grass, brush and dead/down vegetation.

Fire behavior is minimal with some smoldering.  No structures damaged or destroyed have reported, as well as human injuries.

The fire was caused by an unknown human-ignition that is under investigation.

There are 84 personnel with 4 crews, 3 chippers, 2 dump trucks, 1 backhoe and support personnel.

A total CTD of $750,000 has been reached.

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 11, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for Saturday, May 11, 2018.  This post includes the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Moonshine Fire – Moonshine Rd / Klickitat County.  Dispatched at 1605 hours on May 11, 2018.   6 acres of slash.  Contained 5/12/2018 @ 0909 hours.  Controlled at 1835 hours PDT. (Central WA Interagency Communication Center)

Lambert Side Fire – Lambert Creek x Little Bear Road / Ferry County.  Dispatched at 1417 hours PDT.  0.01 acres of grass, brush and reprod. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)



Balsam LIne Fire – T39S RSE Sec 4 NESW – Dispatched 0945 hours PDT.  1.5 acres. Limited info. (Oregon Dispatch Center)


Matheson Fire – 47 48.759 x 117 02.135 – Dispatched 1522 hours.  2 acres.  E4602 on-scene. Limited info. (CDA Interagency Dispatch Center)


(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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* Out-of-Area * CA Wildfires | May 10, 2018

STATEWIDE, Calif – Information has been gleaned from multiple various sources to bring you one great single post.  This is for the day of Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit – CAL FIRE

Shastina Fire – West of Rancho Hills, in the Community of Shastina (Skiskiyou County) is 127 acres and 40% contained. Fire originally reported by CAL FIRE on May 9, 2018 at 2115 hours PDT. Cause is said to be from lightning.  Updated by fire officials at 1804 hours PDT.

SMOKEY BEAR SAYS:  “Unfortunately, 2017 was a record wildfire year and 2018 looks to be particularly tough for the west. Please be extra vigilant when it comes to preventing wildfires, no matter where you live or roam.”

Spot Fires – In area of 3110 Skyway near Tucson Ridge Golf Course, below Paradise in Butte County.  Vegetation fire reported by CAL FIRE on May 10, 2018 at 1627 hours.  Reported by CAL FIRE as an estimation of 10 acres total.  Cause is unknown but Social Media is reporting that CAL FIRE is looking for a female suspected of being responsible for many of the spot fires.  She was seen driving a black Ford Explorer towing a trailer with mattresses and furniture in it.  If you have information, you are asked to contact the Butte County Sheriff’s Office at 530-538-7321.

Tarzana Fire – 18800 block of Ringling Street, Los Angeles.  40 LAFD firefighters contained this wildfire to less than 1 acre, preventing the fire from spreading to nearby structure, exposures and to human lives.  The cause of the wildfire was unknown at the time.  No word on the fire suppression or containment costs-to-date.  Firefighters were being hailed as heroes for their quick containment.

Warming Fire – 37408 Williams Road.  Dispatched 0923 hours PDT.  0.1 acres. (Federal Interagency Communication Center)


From the Gen Pub to some Government Agencies recognize there is a need to do something about Climate Change and Global Warming.   Here are their pleas and what they are forecasting for our very near futures.

A lot of wildfires start via human divine intervention.  Here are a couple of really good examples on what causes them and how you can prevent them.  Remember the Campaign Slogan, “One Less Spark = One Less Wildfire”.  Simple as 1-2-3.  As Smokey Bear would say, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.”

From record temperatures to intense wildfires and rising seas, climate change poses an immediate and escalating threat to California’s environment, public health, and economic survival.” #ClimateChange

Being “ready at a moment’s notice” gives you, your family, pets and/or livestock ahead start of the impending wildfires.  #PrepareNOW and learn how to do it through the OCFA easy-to-follow-steps.

Learn how to protect your home from heavy fire fuels such as brush, trees, grass, dried understory that can burn so quickly.  Remember the words, Defensible Space and what it means to build a “fire barrier” around your home.

“Wildfire season in California is now almost all year around. As summer approaches and our weather becomes hotter it’s critical to ensure your home and family are prepared. A fire hardened home with proper clearances can make the difference during a fire storm.” #FireSeason

“Big utility companies are desperately trying to stick customers for the bills from the California wildfires that they caused.” #AddingSaltToTheWound

““Devastating forest fires are a profound challenge to California,” said Governor Brown. “I intend to mobilize the resources of the state to protect our forests and ensure they absorb carbon to the maximum degree.” – California Governor Edmund G Brown Jr.  #Proclamation

What all firefighters and Agencies hope their communities will do to protect themselves and to help them fight fire/contain the firestorms that often come.

Today, is a great time to start before you would be forced to evacuate.  Why not work together as a family unit and with your neighbors. #PrepareNOW

“As fire season approaches I am working closely with state and fed officials to make sure all resources are in place to protect our local communities. Joined Agriculture and Interior Secretaries and USDA Interim Chief of Forest Service today at Wildfire Outlook Briefing for 2018. ” – CA Representative Tom McClintock #Promises

In 2017 and years prior are some of the comments made by the Gen Pub and Government Agencies alike.  #BrokenRecord

“California is literally on fire.”  December 12, 2017.

“Jerry Brown using CA Wildfires to push Climate Change. California Gov. Jerry Brown warned the state faces a “new normal” of fire risk exacerbated by climate change.” December 12, 2017

“Boles Fire causing evacuations in Weed, Lake Shastina and Carrick.” September 15, 2014 (news media)

Public Service Announcements / Photo Images – Courtesy of OCFA, CA Rep Tom McClintock Office

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 10, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 10, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.



Atwood Road Fire – Atwood Road / Klickitat County.  CRGNSA  and DNR on-scene. Dispatched 1517 hours PDT.  0.1 acres. (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Better Ridge Fire – Better Ridge / Stevens County.  Dispatched  0815 hours.  Brush, slash. IC at 1045 hours.  0.01 acres.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Dougs Beach Fire – Doug Beach / Klickitat County.  Dispatched 1055 hours PDT.  2 acres.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Spillway Fire – Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  0.1 acres.  Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  Contained/Controlled/Out at 1447 hours PDT.  (Colville Agency MT Tolman Dispatch Center)

Summit Surprise Fire – Addy Gifford / Stevens County.  Dispatched 0814 hours PDT.  Unknown burned acreage.  Dispatched at 0814 hours PDT.  NC 347 at 1045 hours PDT.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Tyler Spot Fire – Hwy 904 / Spokane County.  Dispatched 1054 hours PDT.  0.01 acres.  Grass and brush fire fuels. Dispatched 0815 hours PDT.  Contained at 1230 hours.  Controlled at 1325 hours PDT.  (Northeast Interagency Communications Center)


Haner Butte 0175 OD Fire – 1 mi east of Haner Butte.  Dispatched 1511 hours PDT.  1.46 acres.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center)


No wildfires have been reported.

(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 9, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 9, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.

MAY 9, 2018

0171 RS Fire | Dispatched 1229 hours PDT.  Mcgrath and Powell Butte Hwy. 0.1 acres. (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatche Center – OR)

Cove Fire | Dispatched 1543 hours PDT.  Mile Post 303. (Olympic Region Dispatch – WA)

No Fires in the State of Idaho

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 8, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 6 – 8, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.

MAY 6, 2018

Swan Boundary Fire | Dispatched 0955 hours. Hwy 12 MM 87-88 x Swan Creek Rd. 0.5 acres. (Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

8014 Fire | Dispatched at 1628 hours.  Unknown location.  0.5 acres.  Limited info.  (Burns Interagency Communications Center – OR)

Sutton Gulch Fire | Dispatched 0832 hours.  Carberry Creek.  0.1 acres.  (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Pondo Fire | Dispatched at 1208 hours.  South of Steve Peak.  0.1 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

North Fork Texas Creek Fire | Dispatched at 1220 hours.  Texas Creek on the Okanogan  NF.  0.1 acres.  Light timber.  Contained at 1320 hours.  Controlled at 1430 hours.  In patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Klickitat Breaks Fire | Dispatched at 1557 hours.   Klickitat River in Klickitat County.  0.1 acres.  Grass, light timber.  Contained at 1730 hours.  Controlled at 1731 hours. in patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Finn Ridge Fire | Dispatched at 1754 hours.  Finn Ridge / Centerville in Klickitat County.  Sangs.  Contained at 2000 hours.  Controlled at 2001 hours.  In patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Mason Road Fire | Dispatched at 1734 hours.  Mason Road in Spokane County.  0.41 acres.  Grass, brush, light timber fire fuels.  AR 444 IC at 1911 hours.  contained at 1815 hours.  Controlled at 1918 hours.  (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Marksman Fire | Dispatched at 0806 hours.  Olympia in Thurston County.  0.25 acres.  Brush as fire fuels.  Contained at 1930 hours.  Controlled at 2000 hours. (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

MAY 7, 2018

CM 18 0161 OD Fire | Dispatched 1520 hours.  Cat Mountain.  .96 acres.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Boxcar 0162 OD Fire | Dispatched at 1917 hours.  Boxcar Flats.  0.1 acres. Resources include:  9102, 9103, 9502, E9162.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

036 Hill Spring Fire | Dispatched at 1040  hours.  Hill Spring.  0.1 acre.  Contained at 1256 hours.  Controlled at 1334 hours.  Fire fuels included Timber.  (John Day Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Berry Rock Fire | Dispatched 1500 hours.  Unknown location.  4 acres.  (Rogue Valley Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Granger Locke Fire | Dispatched at 0806 hours.  .25 mile up Locke Road.  0.1 acres.  Staffed at 1020 hours.  (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Matsen Creek Fire | Dispatched at 0940 hours.  756 A Matsen Creek Road.  0.1 acres.  Resources on-scene at 1035 hours.  Contained at 1100 hours.  Controlled at 1200 hours. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

MAY 8, 2018

Bluebird Fire | Dispatched @ 1414 hours.  Location – 48 5.3 x 116 50.4.  0.5 acres. Limited information. (Coeur d’Alene Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

Bear Mountain Fire | Dispatched at 1409 hours.  Bear Mountain.  0.01 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)


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Oklahoma’s #BrakeRoadFire | 2


Photo Credit | Oklahoma Forestry Services

FIRE FACT:  Oklahoma has had over 366,000 acres consumed in the western portion of their State since last week.  The map above visualizes the numerous fire locations plus operational strategies.


April 14, 2018

Located in Logan County, Oklahoma.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. 386 acres. 75% contained. 4 personnel along with 2 engines.  $264,000 CTD.

April 13, 2018

We begin to report on this wildfire.  Located in the Oklahoma Division of Forestry area. Active fire behavior with flanking. 386 acres. 57% contained. Type 4 IC. 13 personnel. 4 engines and 1 helicopter. $262,000 Cost-to-Date for fire suppression and containment expenses.

April 11, 2018

Fire reportedly breaks out at 1553 hours CTD.


We are using the following hashtags for this wildfire incident:  #BrakeRoadFire  #OKwildfire2018


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Oklahoma’s #BrakeRoadFire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A wildfire was reported to have broken out on April 11, 2018, at 1553 CDT (1353 PDT) which is located about eight (8) miles NE of Kilidare, Oklahoma.

RESOURCES  | There are about 13 personnel that are still attached to this incident along with (4) engines and (1) helicopter in addition to a Type 4 Incident Commander from the Oklahoma Division of Forestry.

SIZE UP | There has been 386 acres burned but fire crews have successfully through tireless efforts reached a 57% containment status.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS | There have been no injuries or structures reported as damaged or destroyed.  There has been $262,000 in fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #BrakeRoadFire  #OKwildfire2018


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NM Wildfires: #DienerCanyonFire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A prescribed burn in Cibola County, New Mexico on Thursday, April 12, 2018, escaped its containment lines and found to be not meeting its desired objectives would soon become a wildfire.

LOCATION |  The fire is located eight (8) miles south of Blue Water Lake and 13-15 miles west of Grants and Milan, New Mexico. It is burning in the Zuni Mountains on the Mount Taylor Ranger District.

Now, the #RedondoPrescribedFire has now become the #DienerCanyon Fire and this fiery fire is not one to be reckoned with.

SIZE UP | The fire has consumed 3,000 acres. There is a 0% containment status.  Fire behavior is extreme with windy and very dry conditions.

RESOURCES |  Fire resources are from the State Forestry Division along with the U.S. Forest Service with additional orders for the SWA T-1 Team #2 Pierson IC, 2 T-1 and 2 T-2IA Crews.

HISTORICAL EVENTS | It is said that this is one of the driest starts to a water year in history.  A big wind event has been forecasted for over a week.  There has been plenty of criticism to go around as to why would there be a Prescribed Fire (RX Fire) when a windstorm has been forecasted in the same week.

SOCIAL MEDIA | Eyewitness accounts are saying the same things over and over again.   Here is a compiling of what people are sharing with others:

“View to the SW of the Diener Canyon Fire in the Mt. Taylor area showing a huge smoke plume on the horizon which is probably 50 miles away and more near Ojo Encino. The smoke is much closer now.”

“Per Forest Service policy, since the Redondo Prescribed Fire was no longer meeting the desired objectives, it was declared a “wildfire”.  A complexity analysis determined the need for a higher level of incident management.” Prescribed Fire gone bad.

#DeinerCanyonFire  #NMwildfire2018

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Texas Fires: #BowersCityFire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A wildfire reportedly broke out in Bowers City (Gray County), Texas on Thursday, April 12, 2018. We are working on the exact location of the fire.

FIRE TIMELINE | Here is the timeline according to fire suppression and containment efforts as posted on Social Media and verified sources.

“Do you know why some of the wildfires are named? The reason for naming wildfires is to avoid confusion when there are multiple wildfires in an area or the state. Giving each fire a unique names allows first responders and citizens to know which fire is which.”

– Texas A&M Forest Service

1934 PDT:  Containment increases to 70% and fire is holding at 1,750 acres. Containment lines improving and in mop-up operations.

1808 PDT:  Fire burning in Gray County in Bowers City, OK.  1,750 acres. 50% containment. Fire crews are burning pockets of unburned fuels and making good progress.

1630 PDT:  1,000 acres with a 20% containment status.  Forward progression has been stopped.  Fire behavior is active with fire on flanks of the fire.  Good progress being made.

1429 PDT:  Fire resources are volunteer firefighters and working tirelessly on fire suppression efforts.

FIRE WEATHER | Though this map is from almost 12 hours ago, the fire weather remains to be the same, if not more critical and people need to be extremely careful outdoors.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #BowersCityFire  #TXwildfires2018


The Texas A&M Forest Service was created in 1915, that today has been recognized as the leader that defines the way of the future in forestry, tree development and wildfire prevention, mitigation and protection.  This is an integral part of the The Texas A&M University System.  It is mandated by law to “assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the State.”

There are approximately 400 employees in offices across the state.

The Texas A&M Forest Service can be found on Social Media such as Facebook (@texasforestservice) or on their website at http://tfsweb.tamu.edu.

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