#DodsonFire | Washington State | New!


Incident Summary | A brush fire ignited by an unknown cause on Friday evening around 1827 hours PDT, prompted local firefighters from the Grant County Fire District #13 and Law Enforcement from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to be dispatched.

Fire Timeline |  Upon reaching the scene around 1827 hours PDT, the fire behavior appeared to be extreme with a high rate of speed consuming up to 50 acres of brush and grasses.

Around 1910 hours, a mutual aid request for additional resources was requested through Dispatch.  Grant County Fire Districts 5 and 7 responded and arrived on-scene.

Location | The fire was located on Dodson Road and Neva Lake Road in Grant County, Washington State.

Resources | Grant County Fire District #13, Grant County FD #3, 5, 7, Ephrata FD and Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

Current Conditions | At 2011, the fire was under control and all crews were in mop-up operations.

Fire Images | Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

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