Structure Fire in Korea Town Damaged by Fire


Incident Summary

A structure fire was reported to the Los Angeles Fire Department, prompting a total of 35 firefighters to respond to the 900 block of S Dewey Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Courtesy | Google Maps

Firefighters pulled several hose lines and began fire suppression efforts on the small vacant and boarded up 500-square foot bungalow style single family dwelling.  The structure was said to be at the rear of at least two other vacant buildings.  No other structures were exposed.

The fire extended to the attic but crews were able to quickly knocked it down about 16 minutes into the incident.


Crews responded at 2035 hours on Sunday, March 11, 2018.


The units dispatched were FS13, B11, Central Bureau, Council District1, BC1, BC11, E11, E13, E211, E229, E29, RA13, RA811, SQ21, T11, T29, CH9 and 13.


Cause & loss is currently being investigated by the Fire Investigations Unit. (FIU).


No injuries were reported.

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