Bear Fire| Washington State

BEAR FIRE – Bear Creek Road in Okanogan County, Washington State

UPDATE 1- JULY 18, 2018 – 2100 HOURS PDT

A wildfire that is moving south away from Bear Creek Road towards Prospect Road in Winthrop which are on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management or BLM for short.

Resources AA-1WD CREW-43 E-644 FB-203 FB-210 FB-244 FUELS-41 H-338 SO-241 SO-242 SO-25 were dispatched at 1819 hours PDT.  IC Montano was effective at 1933 hours PDT.

About four acres of grass and brush have been burned.

Power to the area has now been turned off as of 1915 hours PDT.

More details to be updated as they are received.

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