Idaho Wildfire | Badger Point Fire | Newly Reported

REXBURG, Idaho – A wildfire was ignited around 1530 hours  on July 22, 2018 from exploding targets on public lands, which are only legal from October 21st until May 9th.  If it is any time before or after these dates, it is illegal and can cause a wildfire like the BADGER POINT FIRE.

Photo Credit | BLM

The fire is burning nine miles west of Rexburg and south of Hwy 33 on BLM lands in the Menan Butte area in Idaho.  Fire behavior is creeping and running.

The BADGER POINT FIRE is the 3rd wildfire to break out in the same area and from the same cause. – BLM

There has been 137 acres of grass and brush consumed.  Fire crews have reached a 78% containment status.

There is no direct threat to structures or infrastructure(s).  No evacuations are in effect.

Incident Coopeartors include BLM, USFS, Central Fire District, Madison County FD, Hamer VFD and Roberts VFD.

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