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UPDATE 1 – 7/22/2018 @ 2000 HOURS PDT —  The SUGAR PINE FIRE is located on the High Cascades Ranger District, west of Crater National Park and west and east of Hwy 62 that was sparked by lightning on July 15, 2018.  It is also said to be near Prospect, Oregon.

A lightning storm passed over the area and showered the hot and dried out fire fuels, causing multiple wildfires.

Ground view past a firefighter into mature conifer forest with dug fireline.  The fireline has a fat white hose with water.  Flames burn on the right side of the fireline.

Round Top Fire.  Photo Credit | USFS

Fire camp is located at Joseph Stewart State Park.

There are 650 fire personnel alongside 18 crews, 31 engines, 7 water tenders, 6 fallers, 1 bulldozer and 1 Type 1 helicopter combined for all fires.

Aerial view of smoke rising from a sparse conifer forest on a hilltop.  The light colored ground is visible through the trees.  The surrounding forest is more dense and green, with a few trees that are scorched red.

Sugar Pine Fire.  Photo Credit | USFS

Fire Fact:

There are 19 wildfires burning separately under this Sugar Pine Fire name collectively. – USFS

Fires on the High Cascades Ranger District. Photo Credit | Rogue River-Siskiyou NF

The fire has burned a total of 645 acres.

Additional fires that were ignited by lightning are also listed in this post including fires west of Highway 62:

Ground image of steep terrain with mature forest.  THe forest floor is burned to gray as adn there is some large woody debris among the standing trees that still have scorched re and green foliage.

North Top Fire. Photo Credit | USFS

  • Sugar Pine | 235 acres. Line secured on east flank. (NWIMT13) is 3 miles east of the Miles Fire.
  • Hawk Creek | 10 acres. Crews patrolling.
  • Round Top | 125 acres. Direct line in position. Indirect line being built today.
  • North Top | .10 acre.  Fire detected and fully lined on July 19.
  • Sunshine | 4 acres. In mop up operations.
  • Goodview | 77 acres. Is 3 miles south of the Columbus aka Donnegan Fire. (NWIMT6) Heavy fire fuels, rugged terrain. Working on strategies.
  • Kettle | .10 acre. Detected and lined on July 19.
  • Buck Basin | 1.2 acres. Contained on 7/16/2018.
  • Gravel | 10 acres. Lined and in mop-up stage.
  • Junction | 8 acres. Some fire growth.

Photo Credit | NWS IMET Operations

East of Highway 62:

  • Union | 104 acres. Min fire behavior. Containment and mop-up operations in effect.
  • Spring 2 | .10 acre. New detection on 7/20/2018 CLNP. Fire has been lined.
  • Coplen |1.2 acres. Contained on 7/17/2018.

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