Firefighters Respond to Deadly Fire

Seattle, WA | Firefighters were dispatched on Sunday night to a house fire located in the 2800 block of NW 61st Street, located in the Ballard neighborhood.

Dispatched Units

The dispatched units were B4, E18, E35, L8, A31, Air 240-260, B5, E20, E21, L5 , L9, M18, Air 260, Deputy1, Safety2, Staff10, M44, Air10, M31, E9, M31, M18, PIO, Marshal5 (FIU), E31, E41 and Chaplain 4 on Sunday, February 24th at 1905 hours PST.

Several engines were later added (included in the unit description), as crews work to fight the fire and try to put out all of the hot spots throughout the structure.


There is no preliminary cause known at this time, as it is under investigation.


One person was found by firefighters as deceased.  A cause of death will also be under investigation.


No reports of firefighters or other civilians have been reported.


Firefighters responded quickly to the fire but ran into a few obstacles with fire in the attic.  Once, the fire was brought under control – they were still working through hot spots that appeared to be coming up through the knee wall.  When it was determined that it may be in the walls, firefighters were forced to dig out the fire in the interior looking for the location of the fire(s).

Primary and secondary searches were conducted throughout the building and firefighters reported there was nothing found – that it was an all clear.

Multiple hose lines filled the structure from all various sides to hit all of the areas where smoke may be present.

At the time of this post, Firefighters remained on-scene.  We know that this will be definitely a long night for them and for Marshal5 (Fire Investigator).

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