FLOYD, New Mex.

Incident Summary

A brush fire broke out on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, around 1325 hours MDT on the NM Hwy 267 S Roosevelt X Road in Floyd (Roosevelt County) in New Mexico.

The cause is unknown but under investigation.

Current Fire Status

The fire consumed approximately  1,000 of acres of grass which started on privately owned property.  Two residential (homes) structures were said to have been burned.

Evacuations were in effect, as well as road closures.  Closures were due to smoke and dust in the area.  Winds were reportedly as clocked at between 50-65 miles-per-hour. (1526 hours MDT)

The fire was listed at a 0% containment status. (1555 hours MDT) and burning near the eastern New Mexico’s state line. (1555 hours MDT).  It would be later reported that fire crews were able to gain partial containment near the area of Portales (1722 hours MDT).  Fire crews were able to fully gain 100% containment around the fire and enabling Command to lift the evacuation orders. (1750 hours MDT).

Today’s wildfires via the Alamogordo Dispatch Center

Gains Well Fire

Fire crews were dispatched at 1446 hours MDT to the Gains Well area.  Fire was stopped at 0.10 acres. BIA E6066 was on-scene.  No word of the cause.

Honolulu Fire

Firefighters were dispatched at 1351 hours MDT to Darby and Honolulu Road for a wildfire. They were able to stop forward movement at 0.1 acres.  No word of the cause.

Empire Fire

Crews were dispatched through the Alamogordo Dispatch Center to response to Hwy 82 Hill Top at 1341 hours MDT.  The fire burned only a small area with a total of 0.1 acre scorched.  Cause unknown.

Median Fire

VFD and State resources respond at 1123 hours MDT to Hwy 285 N at milepost 182 for a wildfire at 1123 hours MDT.  VFD resources have been released. State Fire resources along with E42 will remain on-scene.  162 acres destroyed. Unknown cause.

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