Seattle Firefighters Quickly Extinguish Shilshole Building Fire



A fire broke out in a commercial building in the 2800 block of Shilshole Avenue NW with resources dispatched on Saturday, December 28th around 1751 hours PST.


This was designated as a full response and the following were deployed:

  • Aid 2, Medics 18, 44, REHAB 1
  • Air 10
  • Battalions 2 and 4
  • Deputy 1, Safety 2, Staff 10
  • Engines 20, 21, 35, 41, 9, 18, 28
  • Fireboat


Within about ten minutes from the first due unit, fire crews quickly egressed and tapped the fire.


Here is a timeline of the fire incident:

1758 PST | Units are arriving o/s.  Shilshole Command established by Ladder 18.  Battalion arrives on-scene assumes Command.  Water on the fire. Fire boat requested by IC. Building on the water.

1759 PST | Fire Boat dispatched.

1801 PST | Engine 18 laying a pre-connect. Engine 20 water supply established. Water on the fire. Code Green (not needed/back in service) Fire boat.

1802 PST | Engine 20 is the back-up line to Engine 35.

1803 PST | Fire is under control, no exposures and primary search is all clear, nothing found.

1806 PST | Water supply verified established, Marshal 5 (FIU) responding. Ladder 8 assesses the building structure integrity, states stable and ok for crews to assess the interior.   Unit states large forklift on fire inside a garage type building. Conveyor belts on the Bravo / Charlie corner.

1807 PST | Ladder 9 is assigned RIT and Battalion 4 is Incident Command, or also known as “Shilshole Command”.

1808 PST | The IC asks if there is a tap fire. Ladder 8 states addressing some hot spots.

1809 PST | 10 minutes on the incident clock from the first due unit. Ladder 8 now calls a tap fire. Seattle PD requested for traffic control as there is a water supply across one of the nearby streets.

1810 PST | Aid 2 and Battalion 2 back in service.

1814 PST | Engine 21 and Rehab 1 back in service.

1820 PST | Medic 44 and 18, Staff (command) 10, Marshal 5 (FIU) are returned back into service.


Exact cause has not been released yet by SFD.


There was no reports of injuries to firefighters or to civilians.


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