Austin – Travis County Firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire in the 13000 block of Briarcreek Loop in Manor, Texas, on the evening of Saturday, January 4, 2020.  Fire Command was established as BRIARCREEK COMMAND.

1st Alarm units included: E1202, 1201, 41, 48; Quints 18, 40. Battalions 1201, 07; FM 1202 and BT 1201.

Upon arrival, smoke and fire was showing and firefighters were in an offensive fire attack.  RIT was immediately established. (1901 CST)

A 360* was completed all around the structure, a two-story home with an one-story attached garage. Fire on the charlie side.  Crews were able to knock down the flames quickly. (1902 CST)

Water supply was established by Quint 18.  Battalion 7 arrived on-scene shortly thereafter. Command was set-up on the Alpha/Delta side of the structure. (1903 CST)

Lots of smoke on the interior but crews found no heat.  (1915 CST)

They would continue to pull ceiling to check for any extensions. With none found, they were busy with smoke reduction. (1918 CST)

The Fire Marshal was requested. (1929 CST).  No cause is known at this time.

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