INCIDENT SUMMARY.  Local Firefighters were dispatched to a fire in building call on Saturday, July 4th, located in the 7000 block of California Avenue Southwest, Seattle, Washington State.

RESOURCES.  Resources dispatched to the incident were:  B7, E32, E37, L13, Safety2, Aid14, Air10, B5, Deputy1, E11, E13, E36, L11, M26, M44, Marshal5 (FIU), Rescue1, REHAB1 and Staff10.  Red Cross. PSE.

CAUSE.  A nearby brush fire extended to an apartment deck.

TIMELINE.   The timeline as the incident unfolded:

1756 | Dispatched call.

1805 | SFD PIO: “Water on the fire. Ladder truck crews entering structure to conduct interior search on all floors of apartment building.”

1814 | SFD PIO:  “Fire under control. No injuries.  Most contained to brush, exterior of building. Fire Investigator responding to scene.”

1832 | Secondary search completed of floor 4, moving to floor 3.  Dispatch: “30 minutes on the clock from units first arriving.”

1833 | PSE is cancelled.

1834 | Secondary search of floor has been cleared by Ladder  13.  All clear, nothing found.

1835 | Dispatch center: “IC, we need your displaced names and info on those dispatched for Red Cross.  Request to call into the Fire Alarm Center (FAC).

1838 | Rescue tasked with checking the Alpha/Bravo corner on the roof for extensions. Secondary search of the entire structure has been completed. Nothing found.

1840 | Safety2 Officer and Medic44 (Medical Supervisor) is placed back in service.

1841 | FAC asks if there is a tap fire. The IC is waiting for Rescue1’s confirmation that there is no residual fire in the roof.  And, demobing the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) team.

1843 | Rescue1: “No charring found on the roof deck.”

1845 | Rescue1:  “Tap Fire.”

1846 | Rescue1 told by IC to hold off on overhauling. FIU to get some photos.

1848 |  Rescue1 demobilizing and starting to remove fans from the structure.

1853 |  E36 is still on-scene but FAC contacts fire ground IC to see if they are able to respond to another call in their service area.

1859 | REHAB1 (firefighter rehab unit) begins to demobilize.

1900 |  E13 is still on floor 3. Conditions: all clear, checked for heat on all balconies with none found. 1 line still on floor 3.

1904 | Medic 26 back in service.

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