Microscopic view of COVID-19
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COVID-19 has been around since it had first suspected a case in December of 2019 with more probable cases in January of 2020. With the rise in cases and a high number of people contracting the virus, a pandemic was issued in March 2020.

This illness can be fatal but does not kill all those it infects. We share breaking news, resources and additional COVID19 related stories on a daily basis.


Senior Meals

Great Plates Delivered, a program that caters to Seniors has officially served over 20 Million meals and has become a model program helping California’s aging population. They have also supported over 9,760 jobs in 18 Counties.

Stay-at-Home Restrictions in Force

The Governor’s Office issued an alert for those in their state to stay home due to the virus spreading quickly in their state and less than 10% available ICU beds, there was an urgency to save lives. This was issued on December 11, 2020. A cease and desist was issued to two clubs in San Diego. Supported with partners CAL OES, CHHS and more.

Vaccines Arriving

Governor Newsom verified that 327,000 doses are en route to their state where they will be distributed and administered safely and quickly.


COVID19 Current Stats

The State has seen a total of 207,399 cases with an increase of 2,915 from Saturday with 3,043 deaths reported.

WA Notify, Smart Phone App

This App also known as Washington Exposure Notifications, a new tool works on smartphones. It works without sharing any personal information to alert users if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. It is private and does not know who you are or know where you have been. 1.35 million Washington users currently use the app. Learn more details –> WA Notify :: Washington State Department of Health

Unemployment Benefits Ending

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and compensation (PEUC) aka the Federal CARES Act will soon be expiring on December 26, 2020. Be in the Know what you may be qualified for by visiting your local Unemployment Website. This is for the State of Washington –> ESDWAGOV – For workers and businesses affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Seattle Fire Stations

All Seattle Fire Stations and buildings remained closed to public access due to the Governor’s Stay-At-Home declaration being extended to January 4, 2021. Officials are asking the public to stay-at-home, limited gatherings to immediate family members. Emergency services have not been impacted.



There is a report of 16,222,405 total confirmed cases with an increase of 218,046 on Saturday. Over 301,000 deaths have occurred with 7,423,328 in recovered cases.

Vaccines On Their Way

The FDA approved an emergency use proclamation of the first COVID-19 vaccine on Friday with shipments arriving on Monday, December 14, 2020. This is an unprecedented rush to get a viable drug out to the American people. The drug maker, Pfizer states it has not been approved or licensed by the US FDA but has been used for emergency use authorization (EUA) to prevent the illness in individuals 16 years of age and older.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine or known as Tozinameran/Codenamed BNT162b2 was developed by BioNtech and manufactured and distributed by Pfizer. It is an intermuscular injection. A trial was conducted in November 2020 showing a 95% effective rate with no major safety concerns.

UPS released a statement announced its full involvement and support of distribution efforts as part of the Operation Warp Speed project for the emergency use of Pfizer’s Vaccine-BioNTech. The shipping company will move the product to Pfizer’s designated states based upon orders receieved by Operation Warp Speed and CDC officials. The origination will be from storage sites in Michigan and Wisconsin. More details on their expedited shipments of the vaccine here –> UPS To Support Distribution Of Approved Vaccine As Part Of Operation Warp Speed

Fedex has begun shipping of the vaccine as well through their Fedex Overnight Express venue. To help reach underserved communities, the Company released a statement that they have committed $4 Million dollars in cash and in-kind transportation support to several nonprofits serving US Communities and around the Globe. These include: Direct Relief, International Medical Corps and Heart to Heart International. Learn more about these great strides by this U.S. corporation –> FedEx to Ship First Wave of COVID-19 Vaccines Across the United States

The COVID-19 vaccine is said to be administered to long-term patients and frontline healthcare workers. Then it will be followed by essential workers and next older/at-risk adults. As the population gets vaccinated, it will come at a later time for additional populations.

Small Business Assistance Still Available

Need assistance? Go to this site and see what resources are available to apply for. Apply here –> Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources (sba.gov)

Celebrity Death

Iconic Singer, CHARLEY PRIDE lost his battled this month to COVID 19 complications. 1934-2020.


The telecommunications giant is in the midst of finalizing their $10 Million commitment in 2020 to organizations working to create economic opportunities and foster upward mobility for Black and underserved communities, especially those greatly impacted the COVID 19 pandemic. $1 Million of these funds will be a contribution to Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) which has been helping vulnerable youth overcome significant economic, emotional, social and academic challenges. What AT&T is doing to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19


Global Stats

The World has been greatly impacted by this virus causing 71,649,876 cases and 1,604,516 deaths and 46,811,784 recovered cases.

COVID Vaccine From Bahrain to China

News agencies are reporting the Country of Bahrain has approved a Chinese COVID 19 vaccine. However, when we went to verify this story, Bahrain’s US Embassy website https://bh.usembassy.gov site appears to have been removed. The actual Country’s website has no mention (as of December 2) of the COVID 19 vaccine news.

Travel Alerts

The CDC is recommending to avoid cruise ship travel at this time. A Warning level 3 was issued September 30, 2020 to avoid non-essential travel to Venezuela due to a health infrastructure breakdown; Level 2 Alerts were issued for Polio in Asia (October 6) and Africa (November 18) and yellow Fever in Nigeria. Read more about Travel advisories, alerts and watch levels. Travel Health Notices | Travelers’ Health | CDC

COVID 19 Detection Dogs

These special K9s are trained by Medical Detection Dogs to detect the odour of human disease with the aim of developing faster, more efficient and less invasive diagnostics that lead to better patient outcomes. They are called Bio Detection Dogs. Learn more about their special cause in the UK and how you can help them make a difference upon another’s lives. COVID-19 Detection Dogs – Medical Detection Dogs


“About 40% of all Covid deaths have been in nursing homes. Every state and community should make sure their nursing home population gets vaccinated as quickly as possible.” – Dr Tom Frieden, a former CDC Official.

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