Update 2 | 3-Alarm Fire in Florida


Firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire in the area of North Main Street and West Union Street , to a commercial structure fire on January 9, 2021 evening. The building is located near a 7-11 and Shell station.

Firefighters arrived just after 1736 hours PT and reporting a 2-story commercial building with fire from floor two. The building’s integrity was reported as unstable and collapsed shortly after arriving. Media reports which was retweeted by the City of Jacksonville (FL) states this was once a funeral home and vacant.

Over 100 firefighters would fight the stubborn blaze and was brought under control over one hour on the incident clock.

Significant events included: firefighters having to cool a propane tank at the nearby 7-11 store and working to set-up a collapse zone to keep all resources and firefighters safe.

No reports of injuries to citizens or firefighters were reported.

Firefighters will remain overnight for fire watch after putting out hot spots and overhaul operations.

Cause is unknown at the time of this post.

(c) 2021 NW Fire Blog – Updated 1/9/2021 – 1630 PT / 1930 ET | Update 2 1702 PT – 2002 ET

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