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Here is a Sit Rep of wildfire activity in forests across the State of California. This Sit Rep is for the days of February 23 – 26, 2021 from the various dispatch centers.

According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, more commonly known as the NIFC prepares a daily SIT REP for those Fire managers from the various U.S. Regions who report in wildfire activity in their areas. This does not include CAL FIRE or any County agency but mostly Forest Services areas.

‘There were 362 new wildfires that required light fire activity across the U.S. with eight of those being new large incidents in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.”

FEBRUARY 23, 2021

0922 CAMDEN HOUSE PILES RX. Prescribed Fire. Camden House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

0950 BLUE UNIT 2 RX. Prescribed Fire. Blue Mountain. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1313 PALA FIRE. Mutual Aid call. I-15 and Pala Road in Pala Mesa. Unknown acreages or cause. Cleveland National Forest.

1406 WEAVER BASIN RX. Prescribed Fire. Weaver Basin. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1918 RUNAWAY FIRE. SB I-15 and Runaway Truck Ramp. 0.1 acre. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

0757 DESERT FIRE. Brush fire. Hwy 138 x 235th Street SW, Fairmont. (LA County). 1 acre in light to medium flashy fuels. Source: CA Fire

0830 RX CAMP CREEK TRIBAL BURN. Prescribed Fire. Camp Creek on Highway 96 in Oregon. North Coast Interagency Comm Center.

0833 Non-reportable. 47 East and Barrel Springs Road. Angeles ECC.

0853 CY21 ALF RX BURN SUPPORT. Resource Order. Alabama. Stanislaus National Forest.

0933 WNP ADMIN PILES. Carr Tower House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1252 TOM FIRE. Toms Hay Farm on Highway 9S and Signal Road. Much (fuels). 0.1 acres. Unknown cause. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

1347 ENGINEER FIRE. Mutual Aid dispatch. Engineers Road and Highway 79. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1527 BLUEJAY #002 FIRE. Bluejay campground site #19. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1541 False alarm. Juniper Hills and Linda Mesda Road. Angeles ECC.

1951 No name Fire. SB 261 Toll Road at I-5. City of Irvine, CA (Orange County). Brush fire. One lane SB was closed temporarily of the 261. No threats to nearby areas.

Vegetation fire with firefighters on scene
Credit | OCFA

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

0931 SHANNON FIRE. Shannon Dale Road and West Sierra Highway in Acton.. .25 acre. LA Co FD lead agency. No known cause. Angles ECC. Source: LA Co FD.

1218 BIG PINES RX FIRE. Ball Flat. Angeles ECC.

1335 CHANTRY RX FIRE. Angeles ECC.

1343 D STREET FIRE. Brush fire started off of the I-15 freeway at D Street. City of Victorville (San Bernardino County). E311 resources. Light flashy fuels. 1351 Mutual aid from Federal Interagency Comm Center dispatched.

1419 LACO BRUSH FIRE. San Francisquito Canyon Road and West Copperhill Drive. Unknown acreage, status or cause. Angeles ECC.

1946 VEG FIRE STREET COMM CENTER. G Street x Loma Linda University. Limited information. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 26, 2021

1019 ALF RX SUPPORT PREPO CY21. Resource Order. Alabama-ALF. Mendocino National Forest.

1036 SHELL CREEK ROAD FIRE. 8700 block Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita, CA. Los Padres Comm Center.

1133 CARLTON FIRE. Mutual Aid call. 9100 block of Carlton Hills Blvd in Santee. Cleveland National Forest. So CAL Fire crews on-scene. Fire started near Santee Lakes. 1-2 acres. Heavy fire fuels with a moderate rate of spread backed by winds. Evacuations were ordered. Arson fire. Suspect detained. Source: So Cal Air Operations.

1231 Resource Order. Fresno Air Tanker Base. CA RO5-0004, COVID-19 pandemic IMT Supply. Sierra NF.

1246 SHAKE FIRE. CAAEU-005589. 0.1 acres.

1313 PARK FIRE. Brush fire. 100 x 100 spot. In River Bottom near Olivas Park Golf Course. LA County FD.

1332 BESKEEN FIRE. Quincy, California. P5NT77, BC 53. (resources). IC CPT C Schaffer as of 1449. 1 acre. Contained 1513 and under control 1603. Plumas ECC.

1336 BODEGA BAY FIRE. Bay Hill Road. CAL FIRE-CALNU-003318. Discovered 1336. Out 1400. 0.1. Cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1452 TUNNEL AVE FIRE. Brush fire. Tunnel Avenue x Bayshore Boulevard in Brisbane. Resources: BC16, 17, 20, CM31x4 COM, E51, 61. Source: Pulsepoint

1508 LAKE HUGHES FIRE. Vegetation Fire. 5 Freeway and W lake Hughes Road. Castaic. 20×20 spot off of the freeway. Source: CAL FIRE.

1523 SELDOM 3 FIRE. CASKU-001450. 0.1 cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1542 Smoke Check. Three Sisters. False Alarm. Sierra NF.

1622 SHAMROCK FIRE. CAMEU-002672. CAL Fire. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. Source: Fire Mappers

1747 ONRAMP FIRE. I-5 and Lake Hughes On-Ramp. Resources SO#13, RD#07, P5EK1S-0501. Unknown acreage, status, or cause. Angeles ECC.

1812 LORIE FIRE. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. CAAEU-005653. Source: Fire Mappers.


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