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UPDATE 1 – JULY 20, 2021 – 2045 PT

Credit – KCFD

A brush fire is burning near Piute Peak in Kern County, California, named the PEAK FIRE which is prompting current mandatory evacuation orders. The fire broke out on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 and was reported just before noon.

Lightning was said to be in the area, the night before. and began showing up on Social Media radar this afternoon around 1330 hours PT.

The fire is approximately 1,400 acres with a zero-percent containment status.

Credit – Edison Wildfire Cam

Evacuation Warnings

  • Community of Claraville
  • Community of Piute Peak

Red Cross Temporary Evacuation POint – Kern River Senior Center. 6405 Lake Isabella Blvd, Lake Isabella CA 93240.

Credit – KCFD


Unified Command with BLM, USFS, Kern County FD.

Incident Cooperators – BLM, USFS, KCFD, VCFD PIO, LAFD, LA Co FD, CA WX.

Equipment Deployed – DC10 AT 914 (via McClellen Airport), LAFD Fire-3 and 4. AA504, Lead 55, T-02, T-74, T-75, T-76, T-78, T-131, T-132, Tanker 914

Credit – Greg Doyle, Vol. Photographer for LAFD

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CA Wildfire Updates

Thank you for visiting our Blog about wildfires in the State of California. This is a combined list of fires in a single post, as there are so many burning out-of-control.

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Fire Fact | 20 new wildfires ignited in Northern California in the last 24 hours. None of these fires were reported as new large incidents. – NIFC

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1. Dixie Fire

Dixie Fire | Credit: CAL FIRE

The DIXIE FIRE is located above the Cresta Dam in Feather Canyon and 15 miles NE of Paradise in Butte County, California. The fire started from an unknown cause on July 14, 2021, around 0729 hours PT.

Fire management is in Unified Command with CAL FIRE – Butte Unit/Butte County FD and the Lassen National Forest (USFS).

A total of 1,669 personnel are assigned from two different Agencies, along with 56 crews, 85 engines, 17 dozers, 17 water tenders and 17 helicopters.

It has burned over 15,074 acres of timber and chaparral. Fire is 15% contained. Behavior remains as active with long-range spotting and short crown runs.

Incident Cooperators include: Plumas NF, Lassen NF, Butte Co SO, Plumas Co SO, CHP, PG&E, Union Pacific RR.

Evacuations > Orders > Plumas County

  • High Lakes, Rec area east of the Butte/Plumas county line, east to the Rock Creek Dam; both sides of Hwy 70 in the areas of Rock Creek, Storrie and Tobin.

Evacuations > Warnings > Plumas County

  • East of the Rock Creek Dam to Caribou; Both sides of Hwy 70 for Belden and Caribou communities.

Assistance Available > Residents > 530-283-6300.

Assistance Available > Animals > 530-283-3673 or 6300. Also, for large animals/livestock.

Closed > Roads > Camp Creek Road.

There has been one injury reported.

Significant Events

  • Fighting fire from rail tank cars and fire pumps by using assets from Union Pacific RR to protect railway infrastructure and help with suppression efforts. (thinking outside of the box)
Dixie Fire | Credit: CAL FIRE/Butte County

Cost-to-Date: $2.8 Million

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Fire Fact | 17 new fires were reported by Fire Officials, which broke out in Southern California in the last 24 hours. None of these were considered to be new large incidents.

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2. Fork Fire

The FORK FIRE started on July 17, 2021, in the area of Lowery Road and south Fork Drive in Tehama County, California. This incident is not to be the same as the Fork Fire that broke out on June 28th from lightning in the Yosemite National Park. These are two separate incidents and the YNP was only 12 acres and has been fully contained as of July 15, 2021.

There has been 43 acres burned and crews have reached an 80% containment status. The cause is unknown and under investigation by fire investigators. This is a CAL FIRE incident.

3. Beckwourth Complex

The BECKWOURTH COMPLEX is located three miles NE of Beckwourth, California, which includes two fires in the Plumas National Forest. There has been 105,348 acres of timber, brush and closed timber litter have been consumed. Behavior remains as active with flanking, single-tree and isolated torching. About 73% containment has been reached.

Management is being transferred from a Type 1 IMT (CA Team 4) to CA Team 5, also a Type 1 IMT. There are 2,044 total personnel along with 46 crews, 137 engines and nine copters assigned.

May be an image of fire and outdoors
Beckwourth Complex | Credit: TMFP

Evacuations > Plumas County:
> Lassen County:

Closures > Road > in effect.

64 structures have been lost.

Cost-to-Date have reached: $38.4 Million.

4. Salt Fire

Salt Fire | Credit: USFS

The SALT FIRE is located three miles S of Lakehead, California, in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal with smoldering. There has been 12,600 acres of chaparral, timber and short grass burned. The fire is now at a 95% containment status.

Assigned to this incident, there are 185 total personnel that include three crews, 10 engines and one copter.

43 structures have been destroyed.

A new start ignited out on the fire on Friday from machinery but crews were able to stop it from spreading and put it out fast.

Cost-to-date fire suppression and containment expenses have reached a whopping $19 Million Dollars.

5. Lava Fire

Burning four miles east of Weed, California, is the LAVA FIRE in the Shasta-Trinity National. Fire has destroyed 26,316 acres of timber and brush and 23 structures. Crews have successfully knocked down most of the fire and reaching a 77% containment status. Fire behavior remains as minimal with smoldering and isolated torching.

Approximately, 52 total personnel remain committed on this incident, along with five engines.

Cost-to-Date: $34.5 Million.

6. River Fire

May be an image of outdoors
River Fire | Credit: Madera Co SO

The RIVER FIRE is located about eight miles N of Raymond (Mariposa), off of Oak Grove and Oak Grove School Roads and about 10 miles S/E of Mariposa, California, that is being managed by a CAL FIRE, Type 1 Team CAL FIRE Team 6. This incident broke out on July 11, 2021, around 1410 hours, is located on CAL FIRE’s owned/managed lands.

Evacuations > Mariposa County > All orders, warnings, road closures have been lifted.

Evacuations > Madera County > Same as Mariposa County.

About 9,656 acres of tall grass, brush and hardwood slash have been scorched. It is now at a 75% containment status with its observed behavior at a minimal level with smoldering activities.

There are still 652 total personnel along with nine crews, 62 engines, five dozers, 14 water tenders and four copters.

12 structures have been lost; 2 damaged.

CTD: $13.1 Million

7. Dexter Fire

The Inyo National Forest is the venue where the DEXTER FIRE is burning, which is about 15 miles NE of Mammoth Lakes, California. About 2,592 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed. A 40% containment status has been reached.

Approximately, 382 total personnel are assigned along with five crews, 27 engines and four copters.

There have been no loss of structures reported.

CTD: $3.3 Million.

8. Tamarack Fire

May be an image of fire and nature
Tamarack Fire on July 16, 2021 | Credit: USFS

The TAMARACK FIRE ignited from lightning on July 4, 2021, in the Mokelumne Wilderness but a tactical management decision was made to not put out the potential until fire activity increased 11 days later. It is located about six miles S of Markleeville (Alpine County), California on the Carson Ranger District.

This fire incident is of special interest due to its backstory and the backlash Fire Officials are receiving, due to initial decisions made.

The USFS – Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest released this statement on July 10, 2021:

The tactical management decision is not to insert fire crews due to safety concerns, however, this is not an unresponsive approach. Smoke might be visible to Pacific Crest Trail hikers but the .25 acre fire is surrounded by granite rocks, a small lake and sparse fuels. Fire poses no threat to the public, infrastructure or resource values.

Tamarack Fire | Credit: Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District

The Forest Service escalates their Fire Preparedness level on July 15, 2021 to a “5”, which is the highest level and due to multiple wildfires, extreme fire behaviors and adverse weather conditions.

Resources were not dispatched to this location, until on July 16, 2021, due to increased fire activity, which smoke could be seen from Carson Valley just after 1500 hours. By 1800 hours, firefighters were on-scene and actively engaging in suppression operations with a high volume of fire suppression aircraft consisting of two copters, one VLAT, multiple SEATs, Air attack on-scene.

Two days later after initial attack, the fire has exploded to 6,600 acres with a Type 2 IMT that has arrived on-scene on Sunday. What would start out as a 40-acre fire is now over 6,000 acres. High rates of spreads to the NW, W of Hwy 89 are occurring due to afternoon winds picking up the fire and moving it around in the area. Heavy smoke is expected to impact nearby Carson Valley. (Update as of 7/17/2021).

Tamarack Fire | Credit: PG&E

Today, the fire has burned up to 21,000 acres, which has clearly seen its share of extreme fire behavior with a critical rate of spread that continues to be increasing every so quickly. And, those who are watching this fire closely, including residents and those on Social Media are clearly angry in that this could have been stopped much sooner than it has. Residents are starting to have to make scary choices in preparing to leave their homes and structures behind.

There is a zero percent containment status. There are now 517 total personnel assigned to this wildfire incident.

Evacuations > Mandatory > Alpine Village, Woodfords, Grover Hot Springs, Shay Creek, Marklee Village, Markleeville, Carson River Resort, Poor Boy Road, Wolf Creek Campgrounds, Silver Creek Campground, Sierra Pines, Upper/Llower Manzanita, crystal Springs, Diamond Valley Road, Hung-a-lel-ti.

Evacuations > Voluntary > The Mesa

Emergency Notifications > Reverse 911 >

Closures > Roads > Hwys 88, 89, 4.

Closures > Trails > Portions of the PCT between CA SR 88 and CA SR 4. USFS Officials release official presser, for those who fail to comply with the closure, can face up to $5,000 in fines or six months jail time.

Significant Events

  • Fire crosses Hwy 89, heading east crossing N of town and S of Airport Road
  • Fire can be seen from South Reno and South Lake Tahoe

Incident Cooperators: Sacramento FD OES Strike Team 4804A (Strike Leader Trainee BC Clint Madden), SFD OES 368 SCR, Folsom FD, Cosumners FD, Metro FD

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CA | Lava Fire | PM Update


A wildfire named the LAVA FIRE is located about 3.5 miles northeast of the community of Weed and 4.5 miles southeast of Lake Shastina, California.

FIRE COMMUNITY MEETING | SATURDAY, JULY 3, 2021 @ 1500 PT (3PM) | (1) Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office | Facebook

Photo of fire on Mt Shasta with the moon and Jupiter
Credit: USFS

There are about 1,626 total personnel assigned along with 30 crews, 112 engines and 15 helicopters. Fire command is under CAL FIRE Darryl Laws and IMT Steve Watkins.

About 23,849 acres of timber, grass and brush have been burned. Crews have successfully reached a 27% containment status but are striving to achieve the one-hundred percent fire suppression objectives.

May be an image of nature
Credit: Caltrans District 2

The current fire management team is CAL FIRE’s Steve Watkins, IMT and Darryl Laws.


  • Bunny Flat Campground (USFS)
  • Sand Flat Campground (USFS)
  • Red Fir Flat Campground (USFS)
  • McBride Springs Campground (USFS)
  • Hwy 97 between the City of Weed and the City of Dorris
  • Everitt Memorial Hwy at Gateway Trail Trailhead

Downgraded Evacuation Orders

  • Lake Shastina
  • Carrick
Credit: USFS

Evacuation Orders Remain in Effect

  • North along Hwy 97 to County Road A-12
  • Community of Juniper Valley off of Big Springs Road from Hwy 97 to McDonald Lane
  • Big Springs Road on both east and west sides
  • Mount Shasta Vista Subdivision-Country Road A-12 north and south
  • Harry Cash Road
  • 4 Corners to Hart Road
May be an image of tree and road

Credit: Caltrans District 2

Fire crews are working to keep the fire from east of the Union Pacific RR tracks; south of Deer Mtn Road; north of Diller Canyon and west of the north Gate Trailhead. Additionally, structure protect of critical infrastructure and cultural resources using direct tactics by aircraft are under way.

Tankers 910 and 912 have been spread thin by responding to multiple Californian wildfires SALT, WILLOW, INYO CREEK and DOTTA fires.

May be an image of nature and sky
Credit: 10 Tanker Air Carrier

Climate consist of steep, rocky terrain, limited road access and limited water sources near the fire line.

Incident Cooperators

  • USFS – Shasta-Trinity National Forest
  • Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office
  • Siskiyou County OEM
  • USDA Fire

The Cost-to-Date has topped out at $8.8 Million Dollars.

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CA | Dotta Fire | PM Update

Smoke column rising above the mountains north of Sierra Valley.
Credit: USFS

The DOTTA FIRE is located seven miles north of Beckwourth (Plumas County), California in Dotta Canyon the Plumas National Forest (USFS).

The fire ignited on Thursday, July 1st around 1430 hours PT from lightning.

About 500 acres of timber, brush and light slash. It is about five-percent contained.

It is expected to be contained on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

Fire behavior is active with flanking, backing and torching.

Fire Officials expect this fire to likely continue backing to Horton Canyon. Crews will continue direct attack while providing structure protection.

There are about 175 total personnel with three crews, 13 engines and four helicopters.

IC is Don Freguulia/USFS.

CAL FIRE is assisting as mutual aid.

There is a chance of another thunderstorms to occur on Friday, July 21, 2021.

Stage 2 Fire restrictions are in effect as of July 1, 2021.

Total cost-to-date is about $1 million dollars for fire suppression and containment expenses.

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CA | Clevenger Fire | PM Update

1830 PT | SUNDAY | JUNE 20, 2021

SUMMARY — The CLEVENGER FIRE is burning in the area of Clevenger Canyon, near the community of Ramona (San Diego County) off of Hwy 78 in California.

SIZE UP — 50 acres with slow to moderate rate of spread. Fire is burning on the north side of the highway.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS — CAL FIRE – San Diego and San Diego Fire and Rescue.

Credit: SDG&E cams

AIR RESOURCES — Four Air tankers working the left flank of the fire and three copters on the right flank.

Aircraft is coming and going from nearby Ramona Air Attack Base. With their quick response, they are getting a good handle on this fire and knocking it down.

CLOSED — Hwy 78 to all traffic.

CAUSE — The cause is currently unknown at this time.

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CA | Cow Fire | PM Update

1650 PT | SUNDAY | JUNE 20, 2021

SUMMARY — A new wildfire started around 1533 hours this Sunday called the COW FIRE is burning on the north side of Highway 44 at South Cow Creek Road in Millville (Shasta County). It is about 15 miles east of Redding, California.

THREATENED — Multiple structures.

Credit: PG&E

SIZE UP — 150 acres om grass and oak woodland. 0% contained.

CAUSE — Unknown.

FIRE BEHAVIOR — Moderate rate of spread.

FIRE OPERATIONS — Initial reports indicated this is an eight-acre fire with a moderate rate of spread.

AIR RESOURCES — Tankers 93, 94, 95, 96 (en route) and a single copter.

RESOURCES — IC has ordered an IMMEDIATE NEED strike team of CAL FIRE engines and four additional hand crews from dispatch.

ABOUT FIRE NAME — There was another fire on Saturday named the COW FIRE (Tulare County) then they changed it to the MOUNTAIN FIRE. These are not the same wildfires and are two separate incidents.

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CA | Park Fire | PM Update


The PARK FIRE is located near Upper Park road and Upper Bidwell Park (Butte County) northeast of Chico, California.

This wildfire started on Thursday, June 17th from an unknown cause. It is under investigation.

Fire management is in Unified Command between CAL FIRE/Butte County FD and the City of Chico.

Incident Cooperators include: Chico FD, Chico PD, Chico Parks Division and surrounding areas.

This fire has been reduced to 402 acres and is 100% contained.

No homes or other structures are under threat. There are no current evacuations in effect.

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CA | Mtn Fire | AM Update

0216 PT | SATURDAY | JUNE 19, 2021

The MOUNTAIN FIRE was discovered about 24 hours ago at 0200 PT on Friday morning, June 18, 2021.

The fire is located above Cow Mountain Road near Springville, California near the perimeter of burn scar of the 2017 PIER FIRE on the Western Divide Ranger District. This is on lands in the Sequoia National Forest and the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

This was sparked by lightning.

Fire has burned 104 acres and crews have gained a 34% containment status.

Resources include: 150 firefighters alongside of five engines, seven hand crews, two air tankers, one AA plan, helicopter, water tender ad several overhead personnel assigned to this incident. Fire being managed by IC, Chris Morales.

Fire crews are being tasked to focus on efforts on constructing fire line around the perimeter overnight and works to their full suppression objectives.

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CA | Park Fire | AM Update

0151 PT | SATURDAY | JUNE 19, 2021

The PARK FIRE is located near Upper Park road and Upper Bidwell Park (Butte County) northeast of Chico, California.

May be an image of outdoors
Credit: Chico PD

This wildfire started on Thursday, June 17th from an unknown cause. It is under investigation.

Fire management is in Unified Command between CAL FIRE/Butte County FD and the City of Chico.

Incident Cooperators include: Chico FD, Chico PD, Chico Parks Division and surrounding areas.

There has been 500 acres burned and is at a 50% containment status. This is located on the north side of the park.

No homes or other structures are under threat. There are no current evacuations in effect.

(L) Photo is proof of CAL FIRE’s amazing pilots and crew, as well as air resources/support are the best when working these wildfires.

This copter is dipping out of Bidwell Park.

What an amazing sight to see!

“There will be several days of mop-up operations by the Fire Department.” Says the Chico Police Department.

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CA | Alabama Fire | AM Update

0146 PT | SATURDAY | JUNE 19, 2021 | UPDATE 1

The ALABAMA FIRE is located on Whitney Port Road and Hogback Road, northwest of Lone Pine (Inyo County), California that started on June 18, 2021, when the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the location about 24 hours. This is near the Alabama Hills Rec area.

Credit: CAL FIRE

At the early stages of the fire on Friday, the fire was reportedly at 10 acres consumed already with a moderate to dangerous rate of spread. Fire is burning on CAL FIRE DPA lands with threat to nearby Forest Service lands.

On Friday, fire management was in Unified Command with CAL FIRE and the Inyo National Forest.

At 1900 hours on Friday, the fire was reportedly at 419 acres with a 10% containment status.

Lead Agency: CAL FIRE – San Bernardino Unit. Incident Cooperators: CAL FIRE, Inyo National Forest, BLM, Olancha VFD, Big Pine VFD, Lone Pine VFD, Inyo Co SO, CHP, Independence VFD and LADWP.

This is a lightning-caused fire. More fire prone weather is due to the hit the area.

Other areas hit by wildfires are in Bairs Creek, where additional fire resources and assets were dispatched to.

No structures are under threat at the time of this post. No evacuations are in effect.

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