CA Forests Touched by Wildfire Activity

Posted 2/26/2021 2120 PT

Here is a Sit Rep of wildfire activity in forests across the State of California. This Sit Rep is for the days of February 23 – 26, 2021 from the various dispatch centers.

According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, more commonly known as the NIFC prepares a daily SIT REP for those Fire managers from the various U.S. Regions who report in wildfire activity in their areas. This does not include CAL FIRE or any County agency but mostly Forest Services areas.

‘There were 362 new wildfires that required light fire activity across the U.S. with eight of those being new large incidents in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.”

FEBRUARY 23, 2021

0922 CAMDEN HOUSE PILES RX. Prescribed Fire. Camden House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

0950 BLUE UNIT 2 RX. Prescribed Fire. Blue Mountain. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1313 PALA FIRE. Mutual Aid call. I-15 and Pala Road in Pala Mesa. Unknown acreages or cause. Cleveland National Forest.

1406 WEAVER BASIN RX. Prescribed Fire. Weaver Basin. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1918 RUNAWAY FIRE. SB I-15 and Runaway Truck Ramp. 0.1 acre. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

0757 DESERT FIRE. Brush fire. Hwy 138 x 235th Street SW, Fairmont. (LA County). 1 acre in light to medium flashy fuels. Source: CA Fire

0830 RX CAMP CREEK TRIBAL BURN. Prescribed Fire. Camp Creek on Highway 96 in Oregon. North Coast Interagency Comm Center.

0833 Non-reportable. 47 East and Barrel Springs Road. Angeles ECC.

0853 CY21 ALF RX BURN SUPPORT. Resource Order. Alabama. Stanislaus National Forest.

0933 WNP ADMIN PILES. Carr Tower House. Redding Interagency Comm Center.

1252 TOM FIRE. Toms Hay Farm on Highway 9S and Signal Road. Much (fuels). 0.1 acres. Unknown cause. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

1347 ENGINEER FIRE. Mutual Aid dispatch. Engineers Road and Highway 79. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1527 BLUEJAY #002 FIRE. Bluejay campground site #19. Limited information. Cleveland National Forest.

1541 False alarm. Juniper Hills and Linda Mesda Road. Angeles ECC.

1951 No name Fire. SB 261 Toll Road at I-5. City of Irvine, CA (Orange County). Brush fire. One lane SB was closed temporarily of the 261. No threats to nearby areas.

Vegetation fire with firefighters on scene
Credit | OCFA

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

0931 SHANNON FIRE. Shannon Dale Road and West Sierra Highway in Acton.. .25 acre. LA Co FD lead agency. No known cause. Angles ECC. Source: LA Co FD.

1218 BIG PINES RX FIRE. Ball Flat. Angeles ECC.

1335 CHANTRY RX FIRE. Angeles ECC.

1343 D STREET FIRE. Brush fire started off of the I-15 freeway at D Street. City of Victorville (San Bernardino County). E311 resources. Light flashy fuels. 1351 Mutual aid from Federal Interagency Comm Center dispatched.

1419 LACO BRUSH FIRE. San Francisquito Canyon Road and West Copperhill Drive. Unknown acreage, status or cause. Angeles ECC.

1946 VEG FIRE STREET COMM CENTER. G Street x Loma Linda University. Limited information. Federal Interagency Comm Center.

FEBRUARY 26, 2021

1019 ALF RX SUPPORT PREPO CY21. Resource Order. Alabama-ALF. Mendocino National Forest.

1036 SHELL CREEK ROAD FIRE. 8700 block Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita, CA. Los Padres Comm Center.

1133 CARLTON FIRE. Mutual Aid call. 9100 block of Carlton Hills Blvd in Santee. Cleveland National Forest. So CAL Fire crews on-scene. Fire started near Santee Lakes. 1-2 acres. Heavy fire fuels with a moderate rate of spread backed by winds. Evacuations were ordered. Arson fire. Suspect detained. Source: So Cal Air Operations.

1231 Resource Order. Fresno Air Tanker Base. CA RO5-0004, COVID-19 pandemic IMT Supply. Sierra NF.

1246 SHAKE FIRE. CAAEU-005589. 0.1 acres.

1313 PARK FIRE. Brush fire. 100 x 100 spot. In River Bottom near Olivas Park Golf Course. LA County FD.

1332 BESKEEN FIRE. Quincy, California. P5NT77, BC 53. (resources). IC CPT C Schaffer as of 1449. 1 acre. Contained 1513 and under control 1603. Plumas ECC.

1336 BODEGA BAY FIRE. Bay Hill Road. CAL FIRE-CALNU-003318. Discovered 1336. Out 1400. 0.1. Cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1452 TUNNEL AVE FIRE. Brush fire. Tunnel Avenue x Bayshore Boulevard in Brisbane. Resources: BC16, 17, 20, CM31x4 COM, E51, 61. Source: Pulsepoint

1508 LAKE HUGHES FIRE. Vegetation Fire. 5 Freeway and W lake Hughes Road. Castaic. 20×20 spot off of the freeway. Source: CAL FIRE.

1523 SELDOM 3 FIRE. CASKU-001450. 0.1 cause unknown. Source: Fire Mappers.

1542 Smoke Check. Three Sisters. False Alarm. Sierra NF.

1622 SHAMROCK FIRE. CAMEU-002672. CAL Fire. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. Source: Fire Mappers

1747 ONRAMP FIRE. I-5 and Lake Hughes On-Ramp. Resources SO#13, RD#07, P5EK1S-0501. Unknown acreage, status, or cause. Angeles ECC.

1812 LORIE FIRE. 0.1 acre. Unknown cause. CAAEU-005653. Source: Fire Mappers.


The University of California Cooperative Extensive website has a wealth of information. Check them out there…..Preparing Your Home – Fire in California (

Want to learn how to create a defensible space around your home? Check out….CAL FIRE’s Ready for Wildfire here. CAL FIRE Incidents (

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Update 2 | Torrance Police Response


Torrance Police are on-scene to the Del Amo Fashion Center (Mall) reports of 500-plus teenagers rushed in the Del Amo Mall with some eyewitness accounts to local media outlets as looting some of its stores.

Media is reporting at least one person has been shot near the Burlington Coat Factory side of the mall.

Multiple agencies worked together to clear the shopping mall, evacuate any of the employees and other persons, while setting up a perimeter, searching for subjects and suspects. Additionally, detainee buses were ordered and arrived on-scene.

Barrier buses were also set-up to block major entrances and mall driveways.

The Dispatch Center was getting calls of small number of groups had arrived outside one hotel and another big box store and loitering. It was unknown if they were part of the same original group or a new one arriving in the area.

Around 2030 hours PT, air was opened to respond to normal calls for service.

If see something, say something by not approaching them and calling 9-1-1 when you are in a safe and secure location.

Live coverage is on our Twitter page @nwfireblog . We are currently off this incident for live coverage on Twitter but we are monitoring the scanner feed.

Info will be shared if the situation changes or new information is released by verified Law Enforcement officials.

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Breaking | Del Amo Mall Melee, Shooting


Torrance Police are on-scene to the Del Amo Fashion Center (Mall) reports of 500-plus teenagers rushed in the Del Amo Mall with some seen as looting stores.

Media is reporting at least one person has been shot near the Burlington Coat Factory side of the mall.

A Police chopper is overhead and assisting Officers.

Mutual aid is en route.


Police are working to clear the full shopping mall.

Due to Officer Safety, we will not be releasing Officer locations and some tweets may be on a delay.

This is a very active incident and we are unsure if anyone has been injured.

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Unit Responds to Mt Baldi for Fire


A Brush truck (Brush Truck 200) along with additional resources were dispatched at 1830 hours PT to the the Mt. Baldi Ski Lift for a reported 9-1-1 call regarding a camp fire in the south parking lot.

This is an active incident and units are still en route.

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County Firefighters Fight Big Fire in CA


San Bernardino County firefighters are fighting a large commercial structure fire in the 600 block of North Arrowhead with heavy fire on the Delta side and extension to the first floor of the building.

This is a developing story. Very limited sources reporting.

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Breaking | Felspar Fire | California


Firefighters from the CAL FIRE / Riverside County Fire Department were dispatched at 1555 hours PT to a fast-moving brush fire in the area of 56th and Felspar on Saturday, January 9, 2021, just after 1600 hours PT.

The location is down to have a large homeless camp in the area.

Those whom arrived on-scene, reported a 100 x 100 spot fire in heavy fire fuels with a potential spread of 3-5 acres with the winds coming from the north. Two more engines were added to the fire response.

The incident is also being referred as either the FELSPAR FIRE or the VAN BUREN FIRE.

At 1611 hours, the fire command was assumed by B-14A and reports fire has burned about .5 acres of mixed with light flashy fuels and winds are now pushing 10-15 miles-per-hour in about 20 minutes if they are unable to stop the forward progression (spread of fire).

Less than 25 minutes later, the fire has now burned up to 2 acres and is now wind-driven and being carried into heavy fire fuels and a homeless camp.

The forward spread of the fire has been stopped by firefighters.

We have reached out to the CAL FIRE RRU PIO for an update on this afternoon’s fire incident.

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Wildfire Explodes in California

Credit | CHP – San Gorgonio Pass

Beaumont, California

The SANDERSON FIRE ignited on Sunday, December 13th around 0100 PT this early morning off on La Borde Canyon Road and the Jack Rabbit Trail, located south of Beaumont, California. The initial response was quick and fierce but was faced with access challenges as the fire was deeply rooted in rugged terrain.

The fast-moving fire prompted Officials to issue an Evacuation Warning for homes north of Gilman Springs and South Timothy Lane, along with Jerry Street, Mc Gehee Drive, Alberta Lane, Laurene Lane, Lisa Lane, and Kevin Road. This was issued at 0900 hours and impacted less than a dozen homes.

Credit | CAL FIRE/Riverside County FD

At approximately 0900 hours, the fire had scorched 800 acres and at a zero percent containment status. The fire would grow another 100 acres to a total of 900 and would still remain at the same containment status, a hour later. Air attack reported the fire was going to run out of fire fuels and burn into Mystic Lake. Air craft resources were released back to their respected home bases.

Winds helped pick up smoke from the fire and spread it towards Mad Valley, Corona and Temescal Valley.

Credit | CAL FIRE/Riverside Co FD

Firefighters successfully stopped the forward progression on the fire at 1100 hours and holding it at 1,500 acres. There is still a 0% containment but firefighters are due to remain on the fire line until they reach their 100% containment status objectives.

There are 130 firefighters, three helicopters, 16 engines, six air tankers, six overhead personnel, four crews, two water tenders, four bulldozers, Air Attack and a Helitender.

Incident Cooperators include: Bureau of Land Management (BLM), CAL FIRE/Riverside, CAL FIRE/San Bernardino, CAL FIRE/San Diego, CHP, March ARB, Riverside City FD, Riverside County FD, Riverside Co SO, and the Southern California Gas Company.

More great images from this incident:

Credit | CHP – San Gorgonio Pass

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

No reports of damage or losses to structures or injuries to firefighters and civilians.

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CA Wildfire | Bond Fire | 1

12/6/2020 0020 PT

Current weather report: 56*F temps, precip 0%, Winds at 6pm. RH 24%. Skies are currently clear.

Fire has currently burned 7,375 acres and crews have reached a 45% containment status.

12/6/2020 0015 PT

During the week of November 27th through December 3rd, there were 91 reported new wildfires that required light initial attack activity per the National Interagency Coordination Center’s Sit Report released on Friday, December 4th at 0800 MDT.

12/5/2020 2320 PT

The #BONDFIRE started on December 2, 2020, around 2014 hours PT. The incident is located in the 29400 block of Silverado Canyon, about 3 miles north of Silverado, in Orange County, California.

Command is in Unified Command with CAL FIRE, OCFA and the USFS.

USFS units BC23^ E320** E322 E323** E325^ E327 have been deployed through the Cleveland National Forest dispatch center (original call dispatched 12/2/2020 2221 PT)

Incident Cooperators include the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orange PD, City of Orange PD, Red Cross Southern CA Region, SLO FD, City of Lake forest, PG&E.

Resources include 10 helicopters, 179 engines, 5 water tenders, 22 hand crews, 10 dozers, 242 other resources and 1,588 total personnel from CAL Fire and the Orange County Fire Authority.

Damage so far includes 5 damaged and 5 destroyed structures, along with 7,375 acres of chaparral, brush and grass being consumed. Damage assessment teams continued a systematic survey of the fire area. They have completed 50% of the fire area and will continue their assessment tomorrow.” – CAL FIRE PIO

12/5/2020 2040 PT

Firefighters continued to work today to construct and reinforce fire lines, which are currently holding. They will work overnight to extend these firelines and improve containment. There is still potential in many areas for a strong wind event to spread the fire and threaten adjacent communities.

In the coming days, dry conditions will continue with low humidities and the potential for gusty winds. Moderate Santa Ana winds are expected to return on Monday and Tuesday, bringing a Red Flag Warning beginning early Monday morning.

“Temporary Evacuation Point at El Modena High School will be virtual tonight (12/5). If you are in need of Red Cross assistance from 10PM – 7AM, please call 310-650-1698 for support. The evacuation point will resume in-person service on Sunday (12/6) at 7AM.”


12/5/2020 2015 PT | OCFA PIO

“Good evening. Firefighters continued to seek & mop up hot spots to secure containment lines today. The #BondFire is @ 7,375 acres w/45% containment. We’re also going to be holding a meeting for residents who evacuated from Silverado, Modjeska, & Williams Canyons tomorrow @ 3pm.”

12/4/2020 1946 PT | OCFA PIO

Continued mapping of the #BondFire has it at 7,375 acres with 30% containment. There are 1,560 personnel working on the incident. Firefighters & 11 helicopters continued to mop up hot spots & improve containment lines today.



“Forest Service Sends Additional Firefighting Resources to Southern California.

The USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region has prepositioned additional firefighting resources to support Southern California ahead of critical fire weather forecasts. Approximately nine hand-crews, 46 engines, three bulldozers, eight helicopters, five large air tankers, and one very-large air tanker are ready to respond to any new fires in the Cleveland, San Bernardino, Angeles, and Los Padres National Forests.

Fire suppression resources were staged prior to the recent Santa Ana wind event, and more have been allocated with hazardous fire weather conditions forecasted through next week.

The potential for fires is expected to increase across Southern California on Monday and Tuesday, with another possible Santa Ana wind event forecasted next Thursday and Friday. All four Southern California National Forests remain under fire restrictions. Please check with the specific forests for more information.”

12/4/2020 1640 PT | OCFA PIO

Evacuation orders have been lifted in the city of Lake Forest. Lake Forest is under evacuation warning only. Modjeska, Silverado and Williams Canyons are still under mandatory evacuation.

Image may contain: night, fire and outdoor

12/4/2020 1035 PT | SLO FD

SLO City Firefighters are supporting a @CALFIRE_SLO hand crew with establishing hand line at the fire’s edge of the #BondFire. Photographed is SLO City Firefighter Mitchel Woods from OES 385 mopping up in Santiago Canyon.


12/4/2020 0834 PT | OCFA PIO

12/3/2020 1153 PT | OCFA PIO

12/3/2020 0635 PT | OCFA PIO

12/3/2020 0150 PT | OCFA PIO

12/3/2020 0058 PT | WEATHER SPOTTER

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Hansen Dam Hit By Fire


A brush fire broke out at the Hansen Dam with LAFD firefighters responding at 1437 hours PT. It was said that the fire was burning towards the dam wall that was said to have an active fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting.

No structures were threatened, damaged or destroyed.


Angeles National Forest (USFS) resources BC-11, CRW-5, E10, E13, WT-10 were quickly dispatched via the Angeles ECC at 1504 PT to assist as mutual aid for the LAFD.

LAFD units originally dispatched were  FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; AO2 BC10 BC12 BC14 CM42 E18 E24 E27 E274 E289 E298 E70 E75 E77 E81 E89 E90 E91 E98 EM15 H2 H3 H5 HA2 HA3 HA5 RA90 RA98 T89 T98 WT77; CH5; 17.

The combined wildland firefighters along with additional resources were getting a good knockdown on the fire around 1513 hours PT. It was reported at one acre with no structures being threatened.

About 30 minutes later around 1548 hours PT, 89 firefighters had stopped the forward progression of the fire . They were working to satisfy their fire suppression and containment objectives. These were the units on-scene at this time during the incident: FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; AO2 BC10 BC12 BC14 CM42 E18 E24 E27 E274 E289 E298 E70 E75 E77 E81 E89 E90 E91 E98 EM15 H2 H3 H5 HA2 HA3 HA5 RA90 RA98 T89 T98 WT77; CH5; CH17.

No structures were damaged or destroyed.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Hansen Dam Hit By Fire

HANSEN DAM, Calif. | A brush fire broke out at the Hansen Dam this afternoon that quickly spread and holding at just shy of two acres.


Angeles National Forest (USFS) resources BC-11, CRW-5, E10, E13, WT-10 were quickly dispatched via the Angeles ECC at 1504 PT to assist as mutual aid for the LAFD.

Winds were reported as being strong helping spread the fire quickly but firefighters are said to have nearly contained the fire.

The cause is unknown at the time of this post.

Firefighters and resources are still on-scene.

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