WA | Wildfire Activity Report

It was a busy day filled with WA DNR Fire Activity throughout several Counties via the Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center. Here is a recap on Friday as of 2100 hours PT.


JOHNSON FIRE. 1739 PT. Johnson Road. Stevens County. 0.1 acre. Grass. Contained 1810 PT. Controlled 1830 PT.

SHERWOOD FIRE. 1624 PT. Sherwood Loop. Stevens County. 0.25 acres. In patrol status.

GRAY ROAD FIRE. 1430 PT. Gray Road. Pend Oreille. 0.1 acre. Timber/Understory. Contained 1630 PT. Controlled 17135 hours PT.

RIVERSIDE FIRE. 1415 PT. Riverside. Okanogan County. 71.4 acres. Grass, shrub. 60% lined. Forward progression stopped at 1747 hours PT Resources: C 93 A E 692 HI 40+Crew HI 7102 HI 7104 HI 7112 SO 60 SO 7201 SO 7202 SO 7203 SO 7208 SO 7210 W Zone 10. — OPEN Incident —

SHORE ACRES FIRE. 1351 PT. Loon Lake. Stevens County. 10 acres. Timber/understory. Crews working on finishing handline. 95% approx lined. Resources – AR 25 AR 26 AR 32 AR 7401 AR 7403 AR 7407 C 6201 E Zone 10 NC 41+Crew NC 42+Crew NC 43+Crew NC 44+Crew. — OPEN Incident —

DIVISION FIRE. 1248 PT. Hatch Road. Spokane County. 1 acre. Contained 1350 PT. Controlled 1500 hours PT. Patrol status.

TACOMA SEVEN FIRE. 1021 PT. Tacoma Creek. Pend Oreille County. 0.1 acre. Timber, litter. Contained 1155 PT. Controlled 1307 PT.

(c) 2021 NW Fire Blog – Updated 6/4/2021 2210 PT

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