Spokane County has several wildfires burning in it’s county that all seemed to have resources and assets dispatched to them hours apart. We are including a single post due to so many, we just did not want to set your Social Media ablaze!

1753 PT — GARDEN SPRINGS FIRE — Garden Springs. AR61, AR7403 and AR7407 are on scene as of 1805 hours PT.

1505 PT — SPOTTED ROAD FIRE — Spotted Road. Mutual Aid assist. Dispatched 1505 PT. 0.5 acre.

1445 PT — ORMOND ROAD FIRE — 6300 block of North Ormond Road. High response dispatched for a brush fire which included local Fire resources: VE5, VL10, V31, V22 and V23.

1402 PT — WEST TRAILS ROAD FIRE — West Trails. AR27, AR7402 dispatched. Resources on-scene. Two acres of shrub and timber burned. This fire was contained at 1630 hours PT. ## Final ##

__________________________ SPECIAL ALERT: LARGE COUNTY FIRE BURNING _____________________________________________

1116 PT — ANDRUS FIRE — 12900 block of South Andrus Road, near Cheney. Local County resources VA9 and V21 were dispatched at 1111 hours, while the rest were deployed at 1116 hours PT which include: AR 62 AR 7404 AR 7411 AR 7412 BC 51 DNR 33 E Zone 10 FB 201 FB 202 FB 206 FB 207 FP 10 Fuels 1 HI 40+Crew HT 286 LOA 15 NE 10 arrived on-scene at 1200 hours.

250 acres of grass, shrub, timber and understory destroyed.

Fire is estimated to be at 250-300 acres in size. (1715 hours PT last updated.)

Level 3 evacuations in effect for about 50 homes.

> Andrus

> Spotted West to Soda

> Melville Road

> Chalet Drive

> Mount Carmel north to Thomas Mallen

Credit: @wspd4pio

Red Cross Shelter: Medical Lake HS Cafeteria. 200 E Barker, Medical Lake, Washington.

Livestock Shelter: Spokane County Fairgrounds.

Aircraft resources include; 5 fire bosses, 2 scooper planes and multiple helicopters.

Credit: SCFD8

Incident Cooperators: Spokane County Emergency Management, WSP, Spokane Regional Emergency Communications, Spokane County Fire District 8


1024 PT — GOVERNMENT HILL FIRE — West Government Way. Unknown acreage. Is in patrol status. ## Final ##

1005 PT — PHILLIPS FIRE — Lance Hill. Mutual aid assist. 0.1 acre of grass and shrub.

0832 PT — HIGH BRIDGE FIRE — Latah Creek. Units were dispatched but have since contained the fire at 1030 hours and is now in patrol status. ## Final ##

0118 PT — BOULDER BEACH FIRE — Upriver Drive. Units were dispatched early in the morning for this wildfire burned a total of 0.1 acres of timber and litter. It is now in patrol status as of 0230 hours PT. ## Final ##

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