Welcome to our Daily Sit Rep aka Recap updates about wildfires here in Washington and Oregon.

This is the recap for Saturday, August 21, 2021.


Fire Fact

One RC-26 aircraft with Distributed Real-Time Infrared (DRTI) capability and support personnel from the 162nd Operations Group (Arizona Air National Guard) have been deployed to Eugene, OR in support of wildland fire operations. – NIFC



This new wildfire is under the no full suppression strategy and listed as an incident without an assigned Type 1 or 2 IMT. It is located inside the North Cascades National Park Service.

About 857 acres have been burned and is 6% contained.

There are 12 personnel along with one crew and a single helicopter.

There has been $90,000 cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment status expenses reached.


24.9 miles S of Unity; 36 miles SE of John Day, OR.

The Black Butte Fire started on August 3, 2021 around 1000 hours, from a lightning storm that passed over the area, igniting several fires. This fire is burning in the The North of Little Malheur River drainage. Timber grass and understory, timber litter and understory and light logging slash are fire fuels.

It is under the management of the USFS NW Team 6, an IMT type 2.

Behavior is minimal with backing, and single tree torching in timber and light slash. About 22,179 acres have been destroyed but crews have reached a temporary 59% containment status.

They are focusing on their full compression objectives and goals. Firefighters have been successful in saving area homes and structures that may be in the area.

The incident is under management of the NW IMT Team 6’s Shawn Sheldon. Currently, there are 424 total personnel with six crews, 27 engines and a single helicopter.

Total cost-to-date is $11 Million CTD.


13 miles NE of Detroit; 25 miles of Mill City, OR.

The Bull Complex is burning on the USFS’ Mount Hood National Forest Service lands, which was sparked by afternoon lightning on August 2, 2021. It is current under the SW IMT Gray Team but will be under the management of the GB Team 4, an IMT 2 at 0600 hours on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Five total fires in this complex: Janus, Kola and Ridge (SE corner of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness) and Round Lake and Ogre Creek Fires (Round Lake areas).

There has been 6,264 acres of timber burned. This stubborn fire is still showing a moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and single-torching. A zero containment status is still listed for this wildfire.

There are 367 current personnel assigned to this incident along with nine crews, 10 engines, two dozers, six water tenders, five feller bunchers, eight skidsteers, five excavators and two helicopters.

A record of $3.8 Million Dollars has been reached for this Oregon wildfire.


16 miles N of Kettle Falls, WA.

The Bulldog Mountain Fire is located on Bulldog Mountain in Ferry County, Washington. It is under the management of the USFS-Colville NF’s NW Team 7, an IMT Type 2 which assumed command on Saturday, August 21st at 0700 hours PT. They are also managing the Mack Mountain Fire.

The Incident Command Post or also known as the ICP, where fire management & IC’s operational hub is located at the Community Colleges of Spokane – Colville 985 S Elm St, Colville, Washington.

The lightning caused fire has burned through 5,087 acres of heavy slash and timber. Though the fire behavior is minimal with backing, creeping and smoldering, it is still a threat to area residential structures. Rain did fall over the fire area lessening fire behavior and bringing cooler temps.

Evacuations are in effect:

LEVEL 1 – Get Ready (Notification Only)

  • Boulder Creek
  • Hodgson Lakin Rd
  • Hodgson Spur Rd
  • Archer Dr
  • Price Rd

There are 200 personnel along with four crews, two copters, 11 engines, 15 dozers and six water tenders.

Total cost-to-date is $2.9 Million Dollars.


Fire Fact

One RC-26 aircraft with Distributed Real-Time Infrared (DRTI) capability and support personnel from the 141stAir Refueling Wing (Washington Air National Guard) have been deployed to Fairchild, WA. – NIFC



16 miles W of Tonasket, WA.

The Chickadee Creek Fire ignited on August 4, 2021, from an unknown cause that is under investigation. Total 1,453 acres of timber and short grass have been burned but firefighters have reached an 11% containment status.

WA DNR -NE reg timber and sH gr. Active FB uphill runs, ST torch, SR spot

4861a 11% 207p 5c 4e $2.2M


5 miles N of Winthrop, WA.

This incident is also being managed under the Cedar Creek fire, along with the unmanned Delancy Fire. It is managed by the CA Team 2, an IMT Type 1 under the IC M. Minton. The Cub Creek Fire ignited from lightning on July 8th and has been burning at least forty-five days already. However, there are still structures being threatened, prompting evacuations to remain in effect for impacted residents.

Active fire behavior with single tree torching, short range spotting and creeping, while burning lands in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Rain fell over the fire area on Friday but the fire is still a threat to communities and infrastructure.

There has been 70,154 acres destroyed but crews have tirelessly worked to reach a 65% containment status on today’s update. About 312 fire personnel, air and ground resources, support and other personnel are still actively engaged on this incident to reach all fire objectives. Equipment / resources also include six crews, 20 engines and seven copters.

Three structures have been lost.

Total cost-to-date has reached a whopping $22.4 Million Dollars.

Cedar Creek Fire

15 miles NW of Winthrop, WA.

This fire is near the Cub Creek 2 Fire which is burning lands in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest owned by the United States Forest Service or USFS for short. Fire fuels in this area include timber, brush and short grass.

The Cedar Creek Fire remains with active fire behavior with single tree torching and short-range spotting, that continue to keep area roadways closed. Rain did fall over the fire area and helped with lessening the fire from spreading even faster than anticipated.

Delancy Fire

4 miles W of Mazama, WA.

Also, sparked by lightning, this wildfire has been burning since July 11, 2021 and has been kept at a holding status of 223 acres of timber. No changes to the 223 acres this fire has destroyed. Rain did fall over the area.

This is currently an unstaffed incident but is under the watchful eyes of area incident commanders.

Costs associated with this wildfire have reached $122,000 to-date.


30 miles SE of Roseburg; 20 miles of Azalea, OR.

The Devil’s Knob Complex is burning on lands in the Umpqua National Forest in the Tiller Ranger District that broke out on August 3, 2021 around 0800 hours from lightning passing over the area. There are several wildfires in this complex.

The four fires in this complex are being reported as a single incident under this complex that include active fire behavior with short uphill runs, backing and group torching. Structures are still being threatened.

There has been a total of 18,772 acres consumed collectively but there is a 15% containment status reach.

Previously, there was a total number of 627 personnel but has since increased to 690 with 19 crews, 44 engines and three copters.

Together, the cost-to-date has reached $14.3 Million with one structure being lost.


Fire Fact

Nationally, there are 48 fires being managed under a strategy other than full suppression. – NIFC



21 miles NW of Spokane, WA.

The Ford Corkscrew Fire ignited on Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 1329 hours PT in Ford, Washington. WA DNR-NE Region.

Currently, the fire behavior is moderate with flanking, isolated torching and spotting. There has been 15,758 acres destroyed and a 30% containment status reached. About 319 personnel are still active engaging on this incident to reach their fire objectives and full containment goals. To assist them, they have seven crews, 29 engines on hand.

Unfortunately, 53 structures have been destroyed.

Several communities and structures are threatened. Evacuations are in effect.

At the time of this post, there has been $2.8 Million Dollars costs-to-date.


14 miles W of Lakeview, OR.

This Complex includes two fires: Patton Meadow Fire and Willow Valley Fire burning on lands owned by the USFS-Fremont-Winema National Forest and under the management of the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)’s Team 3, an type 1 IMT.

Fire fuels on this fire are timber, short grass and brush. Today’s fire behavior is listed as moderate with flanking, backing and isolated torching.

Structures and infrastructure are still being threatened.

Patton Meadow Fire

Detected August 12, 2021, from a lightning storm that passed over the area just before 1530 hours PT.

Four structures destroyed.

Evacuations in progress. See information –> https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7798/

Willow Valley Fire

This fire was reported just before 1600 hours on August 12th also caused by lightning (dry), which is located16 miles southeast of Bonanza in Klamath County.

No evacuations are in effect at this time.

For all of these fires, stats are grouped together in a single report by fire managers. The total acres burned has been 8,304 and a 41% containment has bee reached.

Sharing resources across all incidents include 863 total personnel with 26 crews, 35 engines and 12 copters.

Four structures have been lost and a cost-to-date in expenses has reached $8.5 Million Dollars.


30 miles E of Walla Walla, WA.

This incident includes both the Green Ridge and the Turkey Trail Fires.

The Green Ridge fire is located in the Green Ridge area , about 30 miles east of Walla Walla, Washington.

The Turkey Trail Fire has merged into the Green Ridge Fire and all stats are combined totals for both wildfires. Both fires were sparked by lightning strikes on July 7, 2021.

Collectively, these fires are being reported as if it is a single incident by fire managers.

Fire behavior is listed as minimal with single-torching, creeping and smoldering and still threatening structures in the fire perimeter. A total of 39,235 acres have been consumed but a 35% containment status has been reached.

A total of 474 personnel with seven crews, 20 engines and three helicopters are assisting with fire suppression efforts.

About $37 Million Dollars has been reached for both fires.


20 miles E of Glide, OR.

The Jack Fire is part of the Rough Patch Complex which is being managed under this Complex. Other fires are included in the Complex, which include the Chaos and Little Bend Fires, as well as the Buckhead and Near Minky Fires.

Burning on lands owned by the USFS’s Umpqua National Forest has consumed 23,755 acres of closed timber, litter and timber. Today, it is currently has a moderate fire behavior with torching, backing and creeping.

The Jack Fire was ignited by a human-caused source which started on July 5, 2021 around 1700 hours PT. The exact cause is under investigation.

After the initial ignition, the fire quickly spread due to dry weather, heavy fuels and steep terrain. Initial attack activity occurred in the beginning stages by the USFS, ODF and the Douglas Fire Protection Association (DFPA) forcing the closure of a major Highway (138).

The Great Basin Team 2, a Type 1 IMT assumed command of the incident on August 15,2021.

One structure has been lost which has created a cost-to-date of $36.1 Million Dollars in fire suppression and containment expenses.

Closures are in effect.

At this time, there are 339 total personnel on the fire line and supporting this incident along with nine crews, 18 engines and four copters.


7 miles NE of McKenzie Bridge, OR.

The Knoll Fire was turned back to the local Fire District to monitor and staff this incident. At the last update today, there are still 32 personnel along with one crew and three engines assigned to this wildfire.

It still has an fire behavior of minimal activity with creeping and smoldering, which it is still threatening structures and infrastructure.

A total of 544 acres has been consumed but the remaining crew and 31 total personnel with three engines on-scene have reached a 90% containment status.

USFS – Willamette NF. closed timber litter, light slash.

Cost-to-date have reached $360,000.


2 miles SW of Asotin; 15 miles SE of Pomeroy, WA.

Just like a lot of these Washington wildfires, lightning struck the land and sparked a fire that originally included the Dry Gulch Fire which would eventually merge in with the Lick Creek Fire, creating a single incident. These are located southwest of Asotin in Lick Creek and in the Dry Gulch on lands owned by the USFS in the Umatilla National Forest.

This large wildfire ignited by Mother Nature burned 80,421 acres of short grass, hardwood timber and timber but it is almost fully contained at 97%, however, this does not mean it will be considered out.

Thirteen personnel remain on-scene with one engine and are still working to fully suppress and contain this once, stubborn fire storm now more tamed.

It’s fire behavior is reduced to minimal active with creeping and smoldering activities.

Cost-to-date have reached a whopping $16.6 Million Dollars.


15 miles N of Kettle Falls, WA.

The Mack Mtn Fire started on 8/5/2021, from lightning which moved quickly over the area in the Colville National Forest (USFS).

It is 1,201 acres with a zero percent containment status. Fire behavior has been reduced and is now reported as with minimal activity with backing, creeping and flanking. Timber is generally the fire fuels. Road/trail and area closures are in effect.

This is currently an unstaffed incident but is under management of area incident managers.


9 miles N of Oakridge, OR.

The Middlefork Complex originally included 12 wildfires that were burning on lands under management of the Middle Fork Ranger District. Today, firefighters have successfully reduced the number down to two remaining fires. The original date of ignition was on July 29, 2021, around 1400 hours.

Personnel has been increased from 550 to 556 and have nine crews, 17 engines and five helicopters assisting with fire suppression and containment efforts.

Command was under Randy Johnson, PNW Team, an IMT1 and will be transitioning over to the NW Team13, an IMT2 which will occur on Sunday, August 22, 2021. They are also managing the Knoll Fire.

Almost 15,000 acres have been burned (14,866 acres) and there has been a small dent in containment by reaching 9%. All resources are working tirelessly to reaching all fire objective and goals on this fire with moderate behavior that is flanking and torching.

Structures are still being threatened with evacuations are in effect.

Total cost-to-date has reached $16.7 Million Dollars.

14,866a 9% 556p 9c 17e 5h $16.7M


This fire is burning in the North Cascade National Park that has consumed 164 acres and is now 10% contained. It is under management without a Type 1 or 2 IMT.

Two personnel are staffing this incident only.

$15,000 Cost-to-date has been reached.


4 miles NE of Conconully, WA.

This wildfire incident is located near the town of Conconully, which began on August 4th from lightning. It is burning in the USFS – Colville National Forest but is threatening the town and other communities, prompting evacuations (see below).

The Management team for this fire is also assigned to the Cub Creek 2, Cedar Creek and Delancy Fires. There is 241 personnel on-scene shared between all of the listed fires, along with eight crews and 18 engines.

The total cost-to-date expenses were $5.6 Million Dollars have increased almost $2 Million since our last update, now have reached $7.4 Million to-date.

Fire behavior is active with group torching, short-range spotting and creeping. It has destroyed 13,004 acres but there is good news that it has reached a 15% containment status.

LEVEL 3 (Go Now)

  • Salmon Meadows-Kerry
  • Mineral Hill
  • West Fork-Conconully
  • Area immediately surrounding the town limits of Concunully

LEVEL 1 (Get Ready)

  • Area within the limits of Conconully


  • United Methodist Church, 130 N Cedar St, Omak 509 422 7348


Fire Fact

One Boeing 737 airtanker from New South Wales, Australia is supporting fire suppression efforts in the
western United States.



17 miles NW of Plain; 7 miles SE of Unincorporated Lake Wenatchee, WA.

The Nason Fire was sparked by lightning on August 4, 2021. It is located about seven miles southeast of the unincorporated areas of Lake Wenatchee. It is being managed by IC Barajas with Trainee Brownlee.

About 132 acres have been destroyed but a 12% containment status has been reached.

12 personnel are on-scene along with a single crew.

$30,000 is the cost-to-date and is being managed without a Type 1 or 2 IMT.


The Pincer Creek Fire is being managed like some other fires without a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned and with a strategy other than full suppression as its objective.

This one has had 850 acres burned and remains at a zero containment status with four personnel assigned.

$28,000 is the total cost-to-date.


18 miles SW of Oakridge, OR.

The Rough Patch Complex is made up of the Jack Fire and the Devil’s Complex, which are being reported separately. Collectively, this Complex has had 19,405 acres of closed timber litter and timber burned and together, has reached a three-percent containment status.

Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, flanking and torching. About 19,405 acres has been destroyed but there is a 3% containment status.

There are 335 personnel with seven crews, nine engines and five copters.

$7.6 Million Dollars is the cost-to-date.


18 miles NW of Naches, 21 miles NW of Tieton, WA.

The Schneider Springs Fire ignited from lightning on August 4, 2021 around 1230 hours PT about 18 miles northwest of Naches, Washington State. Fuels include: short grass, timber and brush.

Command to transfer from IMT2 EA Silver Team to PNW Team 2, IMT1 on Sunday.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, running and flanking. Several communities and infrastructure are threatened. Evacuations in effect.

Fire growth slower yesterday due to favorable weather conditions. West Flank (Along Bumping River) crews cont to strengthn cont lines using existing road and topographical features. North area – dozer work began to connect a fire break of several roadways. South (of Nile Road) west of Hwy 410, crews worked to asses which values at risk and pre-plan for future struction protection needs. Mostly active fire in in the south/west area in the William o douglas wilderness area where it is embedded in steep, dangerous and inaccessible terrain. Moved within 4 miles of US 12 impacting crucial infrastructure which includes a communication tower. / Today – Working in south and east of bumping lake, building dozer lines, connecting existing roadways as defensible space. North – dozers to construct fireline. Firing ops to occur during night ops. NW Team2, type 1 IMT to assume command on Sun 0600, August 22.


  • Bumping River Road from north to south
  • Hwy410 from Bumping River Rd to US Rt12


  • From US12 at Hwy410 west to Tieton Reservoir Rd


  • Summit View Church of Christ, 100 N 72nd Avenue, Yakima, WA


There has been 64,454 acres burned. Fire remains at a zero-containment status.

Four-hundred-sixty-four personnel are currently staffing this fire along with 10 crews, 34 engines and nine copters.

The cost-to-date has reached $8.7 Million Dollars.

Level 3 Evacuations – GO NOW. are in effect. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7775/


5 miles E of Canyonville; SE of Days Creek, OR.

The Skyline Complex includes three first burning on lands owned/managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)’s South Unit that have collectively burned 5,760 acres in heavy timber and light slash. It is almost fully contained at a 95% status.

Fire behavior is listed as minimal activity with backing, smoldering and creeping.

Three-hundred-fifteen personnel are actively working to reach all fire objectives with nine crews, 14 engines and three copters.

There has been a $20.3 Million Dollars cost-to-date reached as of today’s post.


17 miles W of Inchelium, WA.

The Summit Trail Fire’s BIA-Colville Agency is also managing the Upper Lime Creek Fire that has had a total of 45,483 acres of timber and light slash scorched. They have successfully reduced fire behavior down to minimal activity that is currently backing, creeping and smoldering.

However, full containment has not been reached but it is sitting at a 39% rate. Structures and communication infrastructure is currently still threatened.

A total of 410 personnel remain committed and engaged along with four crews, 18 engines and multiple number of copters.

A total of $28.5 Million has been reached as the cost-to-date.


12 miles NW of Chelan, WA.

On August 15th in the early morning hours, a wildfire was sparked near the Lake Chelan from an unknown cause that is still under investigation. It is burning on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest lands that is under command by the SW Team 1, an IMT 1.

Fire behavior remains moderate with flanking, torching and smoldering. About 9,464 acres have been lost and firefighters have successfully made a dent in the fire’s containment numbers at a current 5% status.

However, numerous structures and infrastructure are still in danger, prompting previous evacuations and closures in the area. Previous reports indicate, 11 have been lost.

There are 441 personnel along with nine crews, 51 engines and six helicopters.

The total cost-to-date has reached $3.5 Million Dollars.


6 miles NW of Keller, WA.

The total of acres burned on this fire has reached 382 but it is listed at a 95% containment status, which means firefighters are making progress.

At this time, there are 29 personnel assigned to this incident along with one crew and a single engine crew.

Cost-to-date has reached $450,000.


4 miles NW of Wauconda; 2 miles SE of Bonaparte.

This incident was sparked from an unknown cause on August 3, 2021 on WA DNR land in the NE Region. Command was transferred from the Northern Rockies Team 6, an IMT2 team to the Rocky Mountain Team Blue, both type 2 IMTs which occurred on Saturday. They are also managing the Chickadee Creek Fire.

Fire behavior remains active with uphill runs, single-tree torching and short-range spotting. Evacuations are still in effect.

This fire has scorched 23,184 acres. It is listed at a 3% containment status.

A total of 529 personnel are on the fire line with the assistance of 11 crews, 42 engines.

Six structures have been destroyed. A total of $10.2 Million Dollars has been reached for the current cost-to-date totals.


18 miles SE of Omak; 27 miles NE of Bridgeport, WA.

The Whitmore Fire appears to be have been started like it’s fellow wildfires by the same cause as lightning. This one also started on August 3, 2021 around 2030 hours PT It is about seven miles west of Nespelem, Washington. It is under the management of The Colville Agency’s IC Bobby Shindelar with the NW Team 2.

About 58,280 acres have been consumed along with six structures and reaching a whopping $9.2 Million Dollars as cost-to-date.

There are 228 total personnel assigned with five crews, 10 engines and a single helicopter.


11 miles SW of Cle Elum, WA.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Timber and short grass are fire fuels. Fire is being held at 82 acres but there has been a 95% containment status reached, which is great news for these 21 firefighters working tirelessly and still assigned to this incident. One crew is also assisting.

Though there is a minimal fire behavior, structures are still said to be threatened. Closures in effect.

About $1.5 Million has been reached for the cost-to-date at this time.

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