Sunday Update – August 29, 2021

It has been a busy weekend full of wildfires on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a recap of this weekend’s wildfire activity as of this evening as of 2000 hours. Information has been gleaned from the website.

395 TURF FIRE. Fender Road, Spokane County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021, 1434. .1 acre of grass. Patrol Status.

4010 FIRE. Capitol Forest, Thurston County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021, 1044. 0.25 acres of timber litter. Contained at 1245 hours and under control at 1431 hours.

8TH AVE FIRE. Pinnacle Unit in Roy of Pierce County. Call date/time – 8/28/2021, 1910 hours. Controlled on 8/29/2021 at 1058 hours. In patrol status.

AMANDA FIRE. Amanda Drive in Olympia (Thurston County). Call date/time – 8/29/2021 1136 hours. 1.5 acres of grass and brush. Contained at 1555 hours. In patrol status.

BERNHILL ROAD FIRE. Bernhill Road, Spokane County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021 1203. 3.3 acres of grass, shrub, timber understory. Resources on-scene 8/292/2021 1220. Open incident.

CENTERVILLE FIRE. Exit 83 in Lewis County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021, 1344. 0.5 acre of grass, shrub and timber understory. In patrol status.

FARWELL TRACK FIRE. East Farwell Road, Spokane County. Call date/time – 8/27/2021 0619. 0.1 acre of slash and blowdown. Contained 0740 and controlled 0755 hours PT.

G1800 FIRE. Kingston in Kitsap County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021 1123 hours. 0.3 acres of shrub and timber understory. IC: Meyer as of 8/29/2021 at 1307 hours. Contained at 1548 hours. In patrol status.

LACEY FIRE. Martin Way and Meridian Road NE, Lacey. Call date/time, unknown. Info posted by FD3 on 8/29/2021 at 1150 PT. 2nd Alarm. Lacey FD3 and WA DNR worked the fire. Unknown wildfire name. This was considered as a large grass/brush fire threatening structures. Cause is unknown and under investigation.

Credit | LFD3

LEUDINGHAUSE FIRE. Dryad in Lewis County. Call date/time 8/29/2021, 1659. 1 acre of grass and shrub. Engines 2300 and 2402 dispatched. Contained at 1800 and under control at 1900 hours PT.

ORCAS ROAD FIRE. Orcas Road on Orcas Island in San Juan County. Call date/time – 8/28/2021, 1539. 4.5 acres of timber understory, grass. IC White on 8/28/2021 1650 hours PT. Patrol status on 8/29/2021 at 1637 PT.

OXBOW FIRE. Brown’s Creek Campground in Mason County. Call date/time – 8/28/2021, 1438 hours. 0.3 acres of shrub, timber litter, timber understory and brush. IC: USFS/Neal on 8/28/2021 on 1558 hours. DNR resources were released and USFS assisted with incident.

PINELODGE FIRE. Stonelodge in Stevens County. Call date/time – 8/28/201, 1414. 0.45 acre of grass and timber understory. In patrol status.

QUARTZ RIDGE FIRE. Republic, Ferry County. Call date/time – 8/28/2021, 1937. 0.37 acre of timber understory, grass and timber litter. Contained 8/292/2021 1557.

ROCKY HILL FIRE. Rock Hill, Spokane County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021, 1232. 0.1 acre of timber understory. Contained 1320, under control 1345.

TWISTED TREE FIRE. Lacey in Thurston County. Call date/time – 8/29/2021 1507 PT. 0.01 acre of grass, shrub and timber. IC: Cooper as of 8/29/2021 at 1531 hours. Contained 1537. Controlled at 1601 hours. In patrol status.

VEIT FIRE. Veit Road in Pend Oreille County. Call date/time – 8/28/2021 1839. 0.1 acres of timber understory. contained 8/29/2021 0928 and controlled at 1003 hours.

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