WASHINGTON STATE — Many states will be changing their clocks back one hour for Daylight Savings Time, which is this weekend.

Another great reminder is to change those batteries in our smoke and fire alarms, as well your CO2 detectors. This is another way to make sure your home is fire-ready.

While we are working on these activities this weekend, more great things are in the works with the Daylight Savings time.

Check out this story published by My Northwest.com about Washington State Senator Murray’s office trying to keep the daytime the same every year instead of us having to switch twice annually.

As a former Arizonian, it was strange when I moved up to Washington State in the early 80’s of this Daylight Savings Time activity we were required to do. I am happy that our Senator is working on making this a one time and permanent change for our State.

We will keep you apprised of any changes for our State. Who knows? Maybe other States will follow suit.

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