WASHINGTON — The South Thurston Fire and Rescue agency is hiring and they are looking to establish a list for LT/EMT and a part-time FF/EMT. Are you the one they are looking for?

Careers | South Thurston Fire

Check out their website for what is required, deadlines, and other details here: souththurstonfire.org. Their phone number is 360-264-4116 and their mailing address is PO Box 4010, Tenino, WA 98589.

About the South Thurston Fire & EMS

The South Thurston Fire & EMS, created in 2017, from the merger of Thurston County Fire Districts #12 and #16, serves the City of Tenino and surrounding communities, Gibson Valley, Skookumchuck, and Violet Prairie. The area is about 76-square miles, which is mostly made up of rural homes, farmland, and forest. Additionally, the agency protects an 11,000-acre water reservoir for the nearby Bonneville Power Administration regional high voltage distribution systems’ power plant.

In 2018, the population was at about 8,995. As of this year, the call volume has reached an all-time high of 1,429. In 2020, the total calls were 1,097 and in 2019, total calls were 1,167.

There are four Fire Stations:

  • FS 41 – HQ. Located at 187 Hodgden Street, Tenino has Paid and Volunteer personnel, Admin staff, Offices, meeting room, day room/kitchen and sleeping quarters.
  • FS 42 – Gibson Valley. This station is located at 21249 Bucoda Hwy SE, Centralia. is staffed by volunteer personnel and is home to a classroom and office.
  • FS 43 – Violet Prairie. This station is located at 17134 Old Hwy 99 SE in Tenino is staffed by volunteer personnel.
  • FS 44 – Skookumchuck. This volunteer staffed station is located at 5405 Skokkumchuck Road SE in Tenino.

According to the City’s website, their current staffing levels include A shift with one 1 LT/EMT and 1 FF/EMT. B shift also has a FF/EMT and currently has a temporary FF/EMT. There are 28 volunteer firefighters with one Chief Officer, one Office Manager, and an Emergency Vehicle Mechanic on board.

This year, voters approved a 2021 Bond Measure – Prop 1 which asked its residents to approve the bond measure at the rate of $0.37 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The bond is for a duration of 20 years which amounts to a total of $5.7 Million Dollars.

What does this mean for the Tenino citizens?

The funds will be distributed to replace their original Fire Station 41, their headquarters located downtown which is a 7,400-square foot building that was built in 1961 and has gone through some reno projects over the last 50 years. The building’s usage has outgrown its original intended purpose, so fire personnel is using a house across from the station that is even older than HQ. The district plans on building a 17,000-square foot facility with 6 individual bedrooms and a 1,500-square foot public use area and training room. The Department is also looking to add 24-hour shift personnel to Station 42.

Their second item on the agenda is to replace aging fire apparatus. Their newest ambulance is a 2008 model year and was acquired as a surplus unit from Thurston County Medic One program. Slowing over the years, they have managed to replace slowly as their needs have been growing.

The last item but not least is to replace equipment such as PPE and other non-compliant equipment. Per the Department, they state the NFPA states that PPE gear is only serviceable for 10 years and after the pull date, it is supposed to be removed from service and replaced.

To learn more on how you can help this Agency, by going to their website at https:/www.souththurstonfire.org/

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