JAPAN — Facebook has initiated a crisis response page, where people can check in to let their friends and loved ones they are safe and sound. The page was created on December 16, 2021, at 1907 hours PT.

Credit: Crisis Response

If you are impacted by this fire and have not done so yet, please check in on this page to let those know you are safe and well.


The page states, “Media sources reported a fire in an unspecified building near JR Osaka Station, located at 3 Chrome 1-1 Umeda, which has been put out. It was reported that 24 people have been killed and four others injured in the blaze. The fire reportedly broke out on the fourth floor of the building which housed a clinic that provided mental health services and general medical care. Reports sugged that the fire could have been caused by arson, however, this has not been explicitly confirmed. The potential suspect is being treated for their injuries. Expect residual disruptions in the area.” The page was last updated on December 17, 2021, at 1942 hours PT.

According to BING, Osaka, Japan is 17 hours ahead of West Coast time (Washington State).

From information gathered from Japanese media, the fire broke out in a commercial structure holding a mental health clinic on the fourth floor. A suspect has been identified by police and is being treated for their injuries. Reports of the only escape had been blocked. Twenty-seven were said to be in cardiac arrest at the time of the fire and 24 had succumbed to their injuries.

Check back for updates. This a developing story.

About Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan with more than 10.5 million people living inside of their borders. The city is host to many archaeological ruins and graves of important people, with the highest of large ancient burial mounds.

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