Published January 6, 2022, Thursday, 2030 PT


The MARSHALL FIRE was reported near the area of South Foot Hills and Marshall Road which quickly spread to portions of Superior, to areas of Louisville and in other locations inside unincorporated Boulder County, Colorado on December 30th around 1100 hours MT. At the time of the fire, Fire and Law Enforcement Officials had not determined the cause of the fire but it was under close scrutiny and investigation.

The fire would quickly spread from the location of the original area of the fire and become wind-driven from reports of gusts up to over 100-mph, with a fast rate of spread and with extreme spotting. Communities, large structures, and other infrastructure were significantly damaged to being completely destroyed.

The Incident # is 2021-COBLX-000995.


Throughout the Boulder County area

  • 1,084 residential structures were lost
  • 149 homes were damaged
  • Total residential property losses are estimated at $513,212,589
  • 7 commercial structures were destroyed
  • 30 others were damaged
  • A complete assessment of commercial property damage and lost assets have not been fully calculated and are still in progress at the time of this post

City of Louisville

The damage and destruction which occurred to both residential and commercial structures are significant and will impact these communities for a very long time.

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 500 residential and 4 commerncial structures
  • Damaged: 43 residential and 14 commercial structures
  • Total residential property damage is $229,199,184
  • Assessed values are based upon the Boulder County Tax Assessor’s Office

Town of Superior

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 378 residential and 4 commercial structures
  • Damaged: 58 residential and 58 commercial structures
  • Total residential property damage is $152,757,462

Unincorporated Boulder County

Damage Assessment

  • Destroyed: 156 residential and 2 commercial structures



The Rocky Mountain Area Type 1 IMT assumed command on January 1, 2022, at 0600 hours are helping local resources with the management of this large and catastrophic incident.


Boulder County Call Center | 303-413-7730

Disaster Assistance Center | 1755 S. Public Road, Lafayette | 0900-1900 hours, 7 days a week

Emergency Updates | Boulder Co OEM,

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