Published 2/19/2022 1545 Hours PT

Seattle Firefighters have been battling several fires which started early Saturday morning into later into the day. Here is a recap of today’s fire incidents.


0036 PT | 500 block of Minor Avenue North | E2, L4 dispatched at 0035 hours PT.

0042 PT | AFA4 | 4300 block of Little Canoe Channel NE | E17, L9 dispatched.

0716 PT | 2600 block of South Judkins Street | E6, L3 dispatched.

0728 PT | 1700 block of Airport Way South | E5, R1 dispatched.


1145 PT | Martin Luther King Jr. Way South x South Bayview Street | E34 dispatched.


1044 PT | 900 block of 38th Avenue | E34 dispatched.

1251 PT | NW 60th Street x 14th Avenue NW | E9 dispatched.


0349 PT | 600 block of South King Street | E10 dispatched.


0117 PT | Fire in Building | 1200 block South Jackson Street (South Main Street in SFD Social Media posts).

Credit: SFD

A10 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E25 E30 E5 E6 L1 L10 L3 M1 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 were dispatched.

Seattle Firefighters were on the scene of a working fire on floor 2 of a three-story multiple-use occupancy structure just before 0200 hours PT this morning.

Around 0146 hours PT, the fire had spread to floor 3 and prompting the Incident Commander (IC) to call for a 2nd alarm, which enables more resources (manpower and apparatus) to come and assist current firefighters on the fire ground with fire suppression, containment, search and rescue and additional operations.

At least one person was reported having sustained injuries. Just after 0200 hours PT, fire crews successfully put out the fire, containing it to only floors 2 and 3.

One person was transported by King County One Medics to Seattle’s best premier trauma and burn center, Harborview Medical Center. The male patient in his 30’s was said to have sustained serious injuries from the fire.

1017 PT | 2200 block of SW Barton Place

SFD Firefighters were on the scene of a residential apartment building fire this morning.

Water supply was quickly established and immediately on the fire where it was brought under control.

Credit: SFD

Two adult females were transported by medics to Harborview Medical Center with fire-related injuries. A third patient was treated and released at the scene.

The cause is unknown and under investigation.


0409 PT | 3000 block of NE 140th Street | E39 dispatched.

1429 PT | 12th Avenue NE x NE 145th Street | E39 dispatched.

0921 PT | 600 Pike Street | E2 dispatched.


0244 PT | 11th Avenue and Beacon Avenue South | E13 dispatched.

0318 PT | 100 block of Taylor Avenue North | E2 dispatched.

0821 PT | Lake City Way NE x NE 125th Street | E39 dispatched

0852 Pt | 2700 Rainier Avenue South | E13 dispatched.

0918 PT | NW Leary Way x 15th Avenue NW | E20 dispatched.

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