Update 1 – Saturday, 3/12/2022, 1330 Hours PT

Incident Summary — A brush fire is burning two miles into Hollister Ranch, a 14,400-acre gated residential community that includes a working cattle ranch on the Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara County, California. Additionally, private and isolated beaches, terraced grasslands, and mighty bluffs, it is located in between Gaviota State Park and Point Conception. This is the fourth largest cattle ranch in the county of San Barbara.


Around 1143 hours this morning, San Barbara County fire crews were dispatched to a brush fire in the area of Hollister Ranch with light smoke reported. The Incident Commander requested an immediate need for two additional engines and crews for the .5-acre fire. Winds were reportedly as calm.

Credit/Courtesy: Alert Wildfire cam / PG&E

Around 1212 hours PT, the fire had already begun to spread in conditions of a slope, steep terrain with moderate to heavy fuels. It was determined to have a potential of reaching 50-acres in a short amount of time. Wind speeds were said to be little to none in the area. Fire operations began to ramp up with the IC requesting a second helicopter. No structures were being threatened. Unconfirmed reports of a subject being detained by a resident were being duly noted. The Sheriff was en route to this call.

About one minute after this last update, the IC requested three more type-3 engines and a water tender.

Fire behavior was now increasing, which prompted the IC to order two air tankers as spot fires ignited above some crew’s location.

As of 1253 hours PT, the fire has now spread to 30-to-40 acres in size with a 0% containment status. There is a potential for 500 to 100 acres if the winds pick up, it may push the fire outside of its containment lines. Three additional type-3 strike teams, dozers, Chief Officer and Safety Officer have been ordered. A Ventura County copter is responding with a 30-minute ETA.

Fire behavior has dramatically increased at 1256 hours PT and can be visibly seen from different vantage points on the Alert Wildfire cams.

AA430, Tankers 86, 91, 88, 100 and Ventura County Copter 5 are currently en route as of 1309 PT. Two tankers are responding from the Ramona area and an Air attack is en route from Hemet with a 45-minute ETA.


There have been other fires designated as the HOLLISTER FIRE name. Here is a listing of those fires.

May 7, 2020 — West of Gaviota and the 101 off of Hollister Ranch Road in Santa Barbara County. Fire near Gaviota State Park. Listed at 156 acres with a 50% containment status. 120 firefighters were on the scene along with aviation fire pilots dropping over the fire line. The fire spread was stopped on the same day it started. Lead Agency: SBCFireInfo

Highlights from this wildfire: Hand crews from the Santa Barbara County FD rescued a baby fawn. Photo Credit: SBCFD PIO Daniel Bertucelli.