Published Saturday, April 9, 2022

Incident Summary

At 1741 hours this Saturday evening, firefighters from the San Jose Fire Department were dispatched to a commercial structure (Home Depot) fire in the 900 block of Blossom Hill Road in San Jose, California. Customers and staff were seen by eyewitnesses being forced to flee the store.

First due units were met by a fully engulfed large commercial structure building and begin their fire attack.

Incident Timeline

1921 PT | Smoke from the fire has spread to Gilroy, about 7.8 miles from the San Jose Home Depot fire location. Copter overhead reports embers are near the hillside but no spot fires were seen.

1845 PT | Bowing of walls on the Division Charlie side are also compromised and the IC advises firefighters need to work from the exterior due to unsafe working conditions. All personnel are abandoning the building (Charlie side). Multiple semis and/or trailers are catching on fire. The roof has collapsed inward. Concerns about homes in the back of the building are the current topic.

1840 PT | Crews still working to establish a water supply by laying more hose lines. An emergency call reported to the Dispatch Center indicates, falling embers and ash on nearby communities to the south of the commercial structure fire. Fire crews have power secured. Multiple explosions are being heard in the interior.

1816 PT | Heavy fire was reported through the roof. Some concerns about the vet hospital located in the same building. A fire helicopter is watching over the south side, monitoring and watching for spot fires. A shed fire ignited but was quickly extinguished.

1807 PT | One of the walls was reported as possibly bowing. Crews are removed from that portion of the building. The Incident Command (IC) is asking for two engines for structure protection for nearby exposure homes.

1741 PT | Initial Fire Response | Commercial structure (Home Depot) located in the 900 block of Blossom Hill Road in San Jose (Santa Clara County), California. Crews are in a defensive fire attack. A nearby pet hospital has been evacuated.

Courtesy: PG&E

Elevated to a 5-Alarm Fire Response

The fire would eventually be elevated to five alarms.

Spot Fires Ignite

Not only is this business on fire, but there are also reports of additional fires in the neighborhood to the southeast towards Santa Teresa Blvd.

Smoke In The Air

Fire Officials were asking area residents if they live/work in the area of this fire and smell smoke, to shelter in place. To close all doors and windows to lessen the smoke getting inside the structure.

Crews are currently in a defensive fire attack and are working to suppress and contain it.

Area Evacuations

The Wagly Pet Hospital has also been evacuated and owners were recommended to go to Golfland on Winfield to be reunited with their pets. Look for updates here or go to the San Jose FD’s Twitter page.

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