Update 1 – Tuesday, June 14, 2022 – 2315 PT

The CA IMT Team 15, a Type 2 IMT is managing both the Pipeline and Haywire Fires, but will soon have the GB Team, an Type 1 IMT unit mobilizing to assume command shortly. Both of these incidents will be covered under one single post.

PIPELINE FIRE – is located about five miles north of Flagstaff on lands in the Coconino National Forest, which was sparked from an unknown source on Sunday, June 12th at 1015 hours. The fire was reported by a lookout.

The Pipeline Fire. | Credit: CCNF

About 20,178 acres of pine, grass, and brush have been destroyed. There is a 0% containment status at the time of this update.

Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs, short crown runs, and torching has been observed and reported.

Evacuations, area, road, and trail closures are in effect. Communication infrastructure and an unknown number of other structures are currently under direct threat.

About 270 total personnel are assigned to this incident. Incident Cooperators include the Coconino County OEM, National Forest.

The cost-to-date expenses reached for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached a whopping $1 Million Dollars and continue to climb as this wildfire incident continues in operation.

HAYWIRE FIRE is located 17 miles northeast of Flagstaff, is also located on the Coconino National Forest and fire officials are observing/reporting extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs, running and short-range spotting.

Evacuations are in effect. All evacuation information is provided by Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management. Please see https://www.coconino.az.gov/207/Emergency-Management for more information.

There have been 4,052 acres of pine, grass and brush destroyed. There is a 0% containment status at this time.

As with the Pipeline Fire, multiple structures, including infrastructures are under direct threat. Area roads and trail closures are in effect.

The cost-to-date for the Haywire Fire has reached $50,000.

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