Published Sunday, 1900 hours PT

KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON — Zone 3 regional fire resources have seen their fair share of water rescues in the last several days, as swimmers and boaters enter the rivers and lakes in the County on these recent hot summer days.

Credit: Renton RFA

Ron Regis Park

Around 1815 hours this evening, Puget Sound Fire, Zone 3 PIOs, Renton RFA, Valley RFA, and King County Medic One (Medics) were on the scene of a river rescue at the Ron Regis Park at 1501 Orcas Avenue Southeast in Renton, Washington.

Firefighters rescued one person, after a bystander helped two people ashore, while three others were able to safely get out of the river on their own. Firefighters transported two of the people across the river.

Green River Gorge

Credit: Renton Fire PIO

Firefighters, swimmers, Medics, and Deputies from Renton RFA, Zone 3 PIOs, Puget Sound Fire, VRFA, Mountainview F&R, Enumclaw FD, King County Medic One, and the King County Sheriff’s Office responded yesterday afternoon to the 29500 block of Green River Gorge Road for a missing swimmer.

Resources spent a lot of time looking for him/her but were unable to locate them and therefore, the search was called as it was presumed they drowned.

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