WA | Royal Hills Fire | 3rd Alarm


A 2nd Alarm Brush fire broke out at 1744 hours PT in the 3000 block of SE Royal Hills, Renton, Washington.


Incident Cooperators include: Puget Sound Fire, King County Medics, Valley Firefighters, Valley FD, Renton RFA, Renton Firefighters, Zone 3 PIO, Eastside Fire & Rescue, Kent FD, Port of Seattle FD. SeaTac Airport (ARFF) and Tukwila FD. Additionally, Renton PD.

Around 1751 hours, the IC requested a 3rd alarm prompting resources to respond throughout the region.

Evacuations are underway and being managed by the City of Renton Police Department.

This is a developing story. We are working to bring more updates to you as quickly as possible.

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County Fire Crews Fight 2-Alarm Fire



South King County Firefighters were dispatched Thursday evening to a commercial fire located in the 3800 block of West Valley Highway North in Auburn, Washington State around 1820 hours PT.


The fire building is described as owned by Natmi LPF Core LLC and built in 2007. The building serves as the purpose as a warehouse and is said to be approxiately 51,250-square feet on a 557,309 lot size. It is constructed out of masonary, per the King County Tax Records. It is said to be valued at $15 Million Dollars.

The fire was located at the SPAN ALASKA TRANSPORTATION, a LTL (less than truckload) freight carrier that delivers to the lower 48 and Alaska, according to its website.

Photo Credit | Valley Regional Fire Authority


First Due units arrived reported seeing a large smoke column on the midspan of the roof. Firefighters were then tasked with pulling a 2.5″ on the alpha in the initial stages but throughout the incident would pull up to three lines.

Battalion assumed Command and drove around the building to complete a 360* view.

At 1839 hours PT, Command struck a second alarm request but would request units to stage two-blocks away from the Command Post. Firefighters checked to see what was on fire and for extensions. The fire itself was possibly being fueled by gas.

About 25 minutes, the gas was shut off and water on the fire. There was no heat or smoke on the inside; or visible extension found on the interior of the building.

A primary was completed on the first one-half of the building but could not finish due to members on the top of the roof. Also, this was stated is a warehouse with high piles of storage making it difficult for firefighters to search completely. It was reported that all employees safely evacuated from the structure.

A general safety broadcast was made during the incident that this is a high piles storage facility and there are pallets under the fire area, which appeared to be leaning and all members needed to be aware and careful. An exterior search was tasked instead of interior at the time-being.

Resources were still working on the fire ground when the incident timer showed 73 minutes at 1934 hours. Due to the extent of this fire and the large structure it was in, would imagine they will remain on-scene for quite some time. Unknown if they will be foaming it down and/or conducting fire watch throughout the night.

While this fire was ongoing, Dispatch notified Command of possible smoke related incidents from their fire but they were too far away to be connected. A brush fire and smoke investigation call were dispatched as separate calls.

The building manager is on-scene.

Photo Credit | Zone 3 Fire REHAB


Fire personnel and assets were dispatched from IAFF2595, Puget Sound Fire, South King Fire & Rescue, Valley Fire Department, IAFF 1352, and IAFF 2024 at 1820 hours PT. Units were VRFA TIMER2, 4TG, L364, M6, MSO1, Z3RHAB, FM333, BCC, Z3PIO, AFPIO and L331, E371, E338, E332, E374, E334, A371, B331, and D307.

ALPHA DIVISION – West Valley Highway Command (Command)

Firefighters with A317 did a complete 360* walkaround and found no smoke, heat and no visible extensions visible.

CHARLIE DIVISION – E374, B362, L364, E374, E334

Another stick was provided in the area to help with getting water on the fire. Two exterior doors on the Charlie side were opened and stated there was a high piles storage close to the door. It was difficult for crews to search the second half of this division but would later be able to complete their primary search and finding nothing.

ROOF DIVISION – L364, B374, B362, E365, E333, E338

They were tasked with water supply on the Charlie side, cutting a 60 x 60 hole around the fire area and checking for extensions in the initial fire attack. They forewarned Command and other crews that may be working in Interior Operations of possible panels dropping from down below. Thankfully, there were no crews on the inside of the structure.

The fire was knocked down at 1905 hours PT and reported they were checking for extensions in the attic. It was finally tapped at 1921 hours PT but crews found there was still smoke in the air on the interior but no heat or flames.


Engine companies 333 and 373 were busy conducting primary on the interior.


Medic 6 was tasked with Firefighter Safety and REHAB 303 as Supervisor. No firefighter or civilian injuries were reported or heard over scanner feed during the incident.

STAGING – Medic 7

Medic 7 was released from the incident at 1902 hours PT and returned back to quarters.


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RFA Firefighters Respond to Valentines Fire

RENTON, WASHINGTON | February 14, 2021 2 1240 PT


Firefighters from the Renton Regional Fire Authority were dispatched to a single-family residential structure fire on Sunday, February 14th, 2021 around 0750 this morning. The fire was located in the 10000 block of Southeast 166th.

While snow fell from the skies and temps were in the 30’s, firefighters quickly egressed on this fire, stopping from further damage to home.


One person was transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

No injuries to additional civilians or firefighters was reported.

There was no known cause at the time of this post.

Photo Credits | Renton RFA

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UPDATE | Renton Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire in the 2000 block of SE 18th Street on Saturday afternoon, September 19, 2020.


First due firefighters reported a fully engulfed two-story residence with an additional brush fire. An initial fire attack ensued while some units were tasked with structure protection of homes in the Rolling Hills neighborhood.

Fire due E313 found heavy smoke and fire in the garage and into the attic compromising the roof of the home.  A quick egress by fire crews limited extension to exposure homes and further damage to the fire structure itself.  The garage itself appeared to be completely destroyed.

The fire is now out and the structure has suffered extensive fire and smoke damage to the garage and to rest of the home.

Resources that responded to this fire represented the Renton Fire Department, Medics and Zone 3 Fire Rehab.

The home was unoccupied at the time of the fire.  The cause and damage assessment of the structure is pending a further investigation by the FIU Investigator.

No  injuries occurred to firefighters or other citizens in the area.


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RENTON, WASH. | Firefighters are currently fighting a garage fire attached to a two-story residence in the 2000 block of SE 18th Court in the Rolling Hills neighborhood.


Fire can be seen from those traveling on I-405 near the SR167 interchange and across Boeing airfield.  Battalion 13 reported seeing a thermal column visible from Station 13 at which time requested Dispatch to upgrade the call to a working fire.

First due firefighters reported a fully engulfed two-story residence with an additional brush fire. An initial fire attack ensued with additional incoming engine companies implementing structure protection of nearby homes.

E313 found heavy smoke and fire in the garage and into the attic compromising the roof of the home.  A quick egress by fire crews limited extension to exposure homes and further damage to the fire structure itself.  The garage itself appeared to be completely destroyed.


Responding include from Renton RFA, King County Medics and the Zone 3 Fire Rehab units.

The home was unoccupied at the time of the fire.  The cause and damage assessment of the structure is pending a further investigation by the FIU Investigator.

No  injuries occurred to firefighters or other citizens in the area.


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Police Divers Still Searching for 2nd Occupant in Duwamish

Tukwila and Renton RFA firefighters and specialized  divers were dispatched on Thursday night just after 1800 hours PT to a car into the water.

The incident occurred in the area of 12400 Blk x 42nd Ave S in Tukwila, Washington.

Seattle Fire attempted to respond but due to the water level and a low bridge, they were unable to continue with their response so they returned to their quarters.

Divers continued throughout the night, even well into the darkness searching.

Photo Credit | Tukwila PD Instagram

One yellow patient was treated at the scene and  transported to the hospital.

Police divers continue to search for the missing person, a second occupant of the vehicle that veered into the Duwamish River.  They are using a submersible camera to help search for the reported missing victim.

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Water Rescue Turns to Recovery Mode For Victim Missing In River

Firefighters and specialized dive teams responded to a car into the river with multiple occupants in the area of 12400 Blk x 42nd Ave S in Tukwila, Washington, just after 1800 hours PT.

A yellow patient was located on the street level but divers were in about 15-feet of water in the Duwamish River near the boat launch looking for a reportedly missing occupant.  Divers searched the vehicle and found it to be empty.  At that point, they switched from a rescue to a recovery mode.

A TriMed ambulance was called to the scene to transport the patient.

Command requested a specialized rescue boat from the King County Sheriff’s Office and its ETA around 1910 hours PT.  Dispatch stated they were cancelled and a boat was available out of Federal Way but it was requested for the specialized KCSO motorized boat.

Downstream containment was established. Divers entered the water at the 15th Avenue bridge around 1920 hours PT. They were still in recovery mode at this point.

Victim was located and is being extricated from the water, while another diver entering the Duwamish River. Command requested from Dispatch to have REHAB for the Dive Team respond to the scene.

A Zone 3 REHAB Explorer was dispatched at 1924 hours and arrrived quickly on-scene. They were assigned to the Medical Group.

Seattle Fire Boat 5 was dispatched for mutual aid but they had a difficult getting to the scene due to the water level and a low bridge. They were released from the incident and returned to their quarters located at Station 5 on Alaskan Way (Seattle waterfront).

The incident started almost two hours ago.  This is an open and active ongoing incident.

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Training Opportunity | Future Women in EMS / Fire

Renton, Washington

The Renton Regional Fire Authority (Renton RFA) is offering a workshop to women whom may be interested in the EMS and Fire Service.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Space is limited, so RSVP today !

NW Fire Blog – Posted 1/10/2020

Renton RFA Firefighters Tap Fire Quickly

RENTON, Wash. – Firefighters were dispatched to an unoccupied two-story office building located on Puget in Renton, Washington on Sunday evening.

A brush fire broke out in the juniper bushes on the exterior of the building from an unknown cause, which extended up floors one and two.

Firefighters quickly established a water supply, laid several hose lines and quickly tapped the structure fire.  Primary and secondary searches of the building found no one inside the office structure.

Fire investigators were called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

No firefighters or civilian injuries were reported.

Photo Credit | Renton Fire PIO

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Arson Suspect Nabbed by FIU in Kent Washington

Kent, Washington |  A trio of FIU  Investigators with the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority along with working with Law Enforcement officials were able to piece together a successful case leading to an arsonist.  The PSRFA states these were intentionally set in dumpsters and other locations but responding firefighters were able to quickly put these fires out before spreading to nearby structures.  As with any fire

An adult male has been arrested and charged on three Arson-2 charges after the FIU’s investigation led them through a string of arson fires that occurred in the downtown Kent area.  They are currently looking through additional video footage and evidence to see if they are able to tie him to other unsolved fires that have occurred in the same area.

The Kent communities can now rest easy knowing their Fire Department has nabbed one arsonist off the streets.  Remember, if you See Something, Say Something and always call 911 right away.


Although the name and face of the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is fairly new, it represents the multiple recognizable Fire Departments that have been long iconic in their communities and around the State of Washington.  In 2017, the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority was reborn from its previous name listed as the Kent Regional Fire Authority.

Today, the PSFA consists of ten-Fire Departments that are strategically located in various area in South King County which include:  Kent Regional Fire Authority, Maple Valley FD, Tukwila FD, Burien/Normandy Park FD, North Highline FD, Skyway (King County Fire District #20), Renton Regional Fire Authority, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Vashon Island Fire & Rescue and in Enumclaw (King County Fire District #28).

With all of these Fire Departments in a consortium, they bring a  high level and wide-range of skills, expertise, experience and is a great opportunity for personnel to train and learn together, as well providing mutual aid as needed.  Together as one, they bring an invaluable benefit to the communities and Public they serve.

To learn more about this great organization, you can visit them at their website at pugetsoundfire.org

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