Published August 27, 2022, Saturday, 1115 hours PT — Fire Update 2

The Palisades Fire is burning on Government Way in Spokane County, Washington, which started on Friday, August 26, 2022, which prompted resources: WA DNR AA 10F/651 AR 26 AR 32 AR 63 AR 7404 AR 7407 DNR 33 E 562 FP 15 FP 18 FP 19 HB 960NW HT 286 NE 90 were dispatched at 1626 hours and on the scene at 1643 hours.

Credit: Spokane County Firefighters

25 acres of timber and understory were burned on Friday.

Today, resources assigned to this wildfire incident are WA DNR AR 40 AR 41 AR 42 AR 63 AR 7401 AR 7406 DNR 33 E Zone 10 FP 15 FP 18 Kemp PCS 2204 PCS 2303 PCS 2407 SPS 8144 SPS 8308.

About 41.6 acres of timber and understory have been consumed per DNR’s is showing as being fully staffed today.

Local Fire Unit, SCFD 10 states: “The Palisades Fire yesterday was held to 41. 5 acres with no structures lost. Crews worked through the night and we’re bringing additional brush trucks today.”

They stated their Friday C Shifters spent the afternoon assisting evacuating residents, as well as engaging in structure protection activities, which started west of the city in Fire District 10’s area. The fire would eventually enter into City limits and callback crews were used for night operations.

All structures were saved.

Photo Credit: Spokane County FD10

Credit: SCFD10

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