UPDATE 1 | September 28, 2022, Wednesday, 1100 PT

Note: This article is in PDT and Florida is in EDT, three hours ahead of the West Coast.


Hurricane Ivan is currently a Cat 4 with max winds at 155 mph with gusts up to 190 mph which is now impacting the southern coast of Florida (USA), after striking the Cayman Islands and western Cuba.


This is the nine named storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, according to Wikipedia.

It has been said this originated from a tropical wave that was located by the National Hurricane Center east of the Windward Islands on September 19. Just two days later, the wave moved into the Caribbean Sea where it brought winds and heavy rain to the ABC islands, Trinidad and Tobago. It showed signs of developing into a tropical depression later that day as convection increased and become more focused.



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Credit: GOES


Crisis Response – Facebook Page, “Hurricane Ian Across Florida, US”

Social media accounts are starting to report how the hurricane is impacting their areas. Facebook followers can report and get information. NOTE: Be careful out there, there are many scammers.

DAMAGE REPORTS (via Social Media)

Cape Coral: (1029 PT) – Fierce winds are blowing in the area with heavy rain.

Fort Meyers: (0930PT) – Whiskey Creek area reporting winds picking up. Power is out. (0739) News reporting swimmers getting into storm surge on beaches. (So dangerous!)

Naples: (0915PT) – Power knocked out including downed powerlines.

Sarasota: (1034PT) – Lost power on Jarvis Road, earlier this morning.

South Venice: (1036PT) – Power is out.

Tampa Bay: (0625 PT) – Incredible photos of water being pulled away from Tampa Bay from the hurricane is a tale-tell sign, the hurricane is near landfall.

Credit: Tampa Police Department