UPDATE 3: Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 2100 hours PT

Note: Florida is three hours ahead of the West Coast. We are using PDT in our posts as we are in Washington State.

There are many Incident Cooperators on this disaster event and we will be providing updates as information is received. We try to provide the most up-to-date information but due to this ever-changing weather-related storm, things may be different from the moment we post to the time you may be reading it.

CITY OF NAPLES – GOVERNMENT | https://www.naplesgov.com/firerescue

Boil Water Notice: The City has issued a Precautionary Boil Water Notice for its entire drinking water service area, including the City of Naples and a portion of Collier County, Florida. Non-emergency Hotline: 239-213-4900. Emergencies: Call 9-1-1

Citywide Curfew in Effect: Ian made landfall around 1505 hours EDT today which was deemed a powerful Cat 4 hurricane. Due to extreme flooding and very hazardous conditions, conditions remain dangerous even though flood waters are receding. All non-essential services and facilities of the City of Naples Government will be closed on Thursday, September 29, 2022. All other essential services, such as public utilities and emergency services will remain open.

Emergency Alerts: https:///www.naplesgov.com/newsletter/subscriptions.

City Website: http://www.NaplesGov.com

Flooded Roadways Include:

1st Ave n/ Gulf Shore Blvd. N- impassible sb for blocks

1590 Pelican Ave

Crayton Cove- completely flooded

Neapolitan way/Crayton rd- completely impassible

1000 Sandpiper St- flooded, water level at marina is even with the street

Seahorse Ave/ Seagate Dr- water over roadway-flooding

201 Goodlette frank rd. s- flooded

Gordon Dr/ 18th Ave S- impassable sb

Gulf Shore Blvd. s/ 12th Ave S- impassible 12th to 18th

600 Park Shore Dr- EB side flooded

5th Ave s/ Goodlette frank- from Goodlette to 4 corners impassible

Binnacle Dr/ Starboard Dr- impassible

Sandpiper S of Bluepoint no longer passable

2600 blk Leeward ln- S and N underwater

1200 5th Ave S- 2 ft of water going into restaurants

Park shore bridge- bay is ¾ ways up channel markers


Firefighters remained vigilantly as their station (1) located near the ocean began to flood in waist-high water as the storm surge violently came flooding in. Unfortunately, based on reports – there was no place within a 50-mile radius for them to keep them and their equipment safely out of the deep toxic waters. Over a period of time, they were back on the job, per se, after floodwaters began to recede.

While this was occurring, NFD members were out rescuing stranded drivers caught up in the storm surge on roadways, putting their and firefighters’ lives in danger.


The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal deployed 13 members with three different Incident Management Teams (IMTs) to assist with the Hurricane Ian response in Florida. The two teams will be led by Incident Commanders Ted Kunze and Ian Yocum. These highly specialized trained teams are generally mobilized to wildfire incidents where the fires threaten lives, homes, and critical infrastructure. This Summer, these three teams supported five wildfire conflagrations across the State of Oregon.

To learn more about IMTs, you can visit the OR State Fire Marshal’s Office here: https://www.oregon.gov/osp/programs/sfm/Pages/Incident-Management-Teams.aspx

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