PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA — Hurricane Ian made landfall in the southern Florida area, where multiple structures are starting to ignite.

Here are some of the areas where fires (possibly due to downed powerlines) are occurring according to their Dispatch CAD system.

Structure Fires

3626 SHADY BLUFFS DR Tac: E Sent: E41 43FD (1117PT)

3799 ANGLERS LN Tac: E Sent: E39 T41 (1157PT)

4440 58 AV N Tac: G Sent: T33 E18 (1200PT)

4500 34 ST N Tac: C Sent: E19 18FD (1328PT) Unconfirmed Fire

2946 53 ST N Tac: E Sent: E6 D6 (1340PT)

3693 26 AV N Tac: C Sent: E12 D10 (1357PT)

10268 117th TE N Tac: E Sent: T29 T28 (1358PT)

327 HAWAII AV Tac: E Sent: T67 E66 (1415PT)

2120 44 ST S Tac: C Sent: E6 D6 (1422PT)


If you’d like to listen to fire calls for the Pinellas County Fire and EMS, you can find them on Broadcastify’s live scanner feed here –>

Shelter Resources: As you shelter in place, here are some tips if your home experiences flooding. Only call 911 in the case of a police, medical, or fire emergency. Stay up to date at As Hurricane Ian makes landfall, conditions are expected to worsen into the evening. Stay alert and be sure to take shelter.

County Information Center: The County Information Center is still open for storm your questions at 727-464-4333. Remember, this is NOT an emergency line. For emergencies, dial 911.

Generators: Keep generators in well-ventilated locations outside, away from all doors, windows and vent openings. Do not operate during high winds and rain. Turn off generators and let them cool down before refueling. Never refuel a generator while it is hot.

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