SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — L8 reported a multi-vehicle accident involving a mobile home in the 1100 block of Leary Way which prompted the Fire Alarm Center, or FAC which they call it, to dispatch additional units.

This is Leary Command.

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The Seattle Fire units dispatched are A14 B2 B4 E18 E21 L8 M10 M44 R1 SAFT2.

One vehicle is on its side, while the RV is completely demolished. Firefighters are working to see if any additional persons are inside the RV.

All occupants are currently self-extricated from the vehicles.

This is a Rescue Extrication call. It would be downgraded at 1858 hours PT to B4, L8, and E18. All other units were code-greened.

Medic 10 arrived on the scene and is now assessing a patient. An AMR ambulance was ordered for BLS transport, then it was changed to three patients and one vehicle still remained on its side.

Dispatch is sending additional resources to help out at the scene.


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