PITTSBURGH, PA — Firefighters in Pittsburgh are fighting a high-rise apartment commercial fire that has now reached five alarms.

The incident is located in the 600 block of Penn Avenue in the downtown corridor

Police are asking those to avoid the area.

Photo (L) Credit: Pittsburgh Public Safety

The American Red Cross Greater PA’s Disaster Action Team (DAT) is en route to the fire ground to assist with the needs of several unknown numbers of impacted residents.

For those who listen to live feeds of these types of incidents, you can follow along here on Broadcastify’s link:

https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/21738 (Pittsburgh Police, Fire, and EMS (Allegheny County).

When researching this fire for additional information, it appears Social Media has not been big on fire updates, except for a few smaller news outlets.

There is information that has led us to believe there is a Public Information Officer (PIO) on the scene.

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