MURRAY CITY, UTAH — The Murray City Fire Department / Utah is offering up the following fire equipment to any local Volunteer Fire Department, which was posted on the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy / UFRA.

Equipment being donated:

  • Air packs with a bottle and transfer hose x 27
  • Air packs, Out of Service (OOS) x 8
  • RIT Packs with 60min bottle and mask x3
  • SCBA Mask, various sizes, with voice amp x39
  • SCB Mas, various sizes, without voice amp x 11
  • MSA Ultra Elite Mask, new with different regulator connections, x1
  • SCBA Bottles, 45mins, x 33
  • SCBA Bottles, 45min, OOS, x2
  • SCBA Bottles, 60min, x4

The bottles have two-three years before hydro testing is needed.


Photo Credit: Murray City FD | Showcasing their skills. The photo was taken on August 16, 2021.

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